Tested: iPod Touch Screen Inferior to the iPhone’s Screen [Pics]

BLAM8The iPhone and iPod Touch are presumed to have the same screen quality. But they don’t, according to some testing and reader feedback we did today. The iPod Touch’s screen turns black areas somewhat greyish, washed out shadow detail, with absolute blacks appearing shimmery.[…] Thanks to BLAM8 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

mikey2dope: I call this false advertising. Take a look at the video demo on apple’s website. It looks perfectly clean and crisp.
When you get the ipod touch, video looks washed out, and the only way to see really dark scenes would be to tilt the ipod at a ridiculous angle.
What apple needs to do, nay, what apple BETTER do, is come out with a fix either through software or hardware, and replace any and ALL ipods that are having this issue.
It’s downright laughable that video on the iPod classic would look much better than that of the ipod touch.
I like Apple alot, but lately there has been a decline in their products.

Ingersoll: I have the same problem as Jason Snell documents on his Touch. The blacks and dark scenes are unwatchable at ANY angle. This one may be going back to Best Buy in the morning. It seems worse on ripped video as I have a purchased episode of BSG from the iTunes store and that doesn’t look AS BAD, but there is most definitely a serious problem here.

Kreuelt: Good try, but you forget that not only is quality very angle-sensitive, the iPod could very well have lower quality video processing, and still have the same screen.

jdbeast00: Yes the blacks look pretty bad, which is kind of a bummer. I don’t have an iphone so i can’t compare head to head.

I have to watch videos with the screen tilted back just at the right angle.

HypocriteDigg: Hey what do you know. Once again, anti-Apple zealots Gizmodo doesn’t know what the FUCK they are talking about. If they had done any reading at all, they would know that even iPhones have varying screen qualities. First there are two different screen suppliers, and even then there are differences and colors and contrast when comparing them side by side.

professorChaos: i have in hand a touch sellin it on ebay woot

DutchMaster: I just got my iPod touch today and the claims made by gizmodo are correct. I converted and then uploaded an episode of lost on my ipod touch and man, did it look like crap! There’s a lot of dark scenes in LOST and made watching LOST almost impossible. I’ve started increasing the brightness on the video which solve the problem but I have yet to find a good converter that does both effects and formats it nicely.

juicebag: I still don’t see the point of a touch screen on a phone or mp3 player.

Ellipsys: As an iPhone owner (of a 7 series screen model. This is accepted to be the “better” screen compared to the “5”), I can say the screen is excellent. On one hand I’m sorry to say they did this to the touch, but on the other hand…. I can’t help but feel a little thankful that the device I invested in still has something “above” the cheaper varieties.

GodIsntReal: I was going to buy one but after this no thanks.

alexra: why does everyone hate on the ipod classic, its actually a really nice mp3 player

pgookii: lame is that i ordered a touch, and am still waiting for it when i could just go to the store and buy one now

myflyertrains: I bought a Touch 16g today. The video on my unit is fine. It is very sensitive to viewing angle as mentioned. From what some have said, there may be a few defective units out there. Mine certainly is not one of them!

mellenger: i don’t think there is ever going to be a hard drive based ipod touch, it too slow. try the interface on the new ipod classic, it’s crap.

Takuro: Can’t they just rip it open and see if it is in fact a vastly different screen than what the iPod has? There has to be some manufacturing info printed inside on the back of the LCD panel.

I don’t see a difference in picture quality in their video test. Even if there was a slight difference, which is inevitable in LCD screens, who is THAT insanely picky?


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