What’s an iPod touch without OS X?

rickpableThis particular iPod touch arrived without the necessary OS, but it did arrive with a possible hint…bluetooth hardware still behind the case?[…] Thanks to rickpable for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

maybeway36: no /bin/sh for you 😦

bohbohs: i digg it. Doesnt look like a fake especially after seeing the video..

mateo60: Maybe the bluetooth is disabled at a temprature above 34.5 degrees…… Duh.

kyote: If it has bluetooth, wouldn’t it have an FCC ID sticker on it somewhere?

latca: What’s with the speaker button. I thought the ipod touch does not have any built in speakers.

lunasc: how did this guy get a touch anyway? I didn’t think they shipped until the end of Sept.

jabberwolf: Um I already have a phone, mp3 player, blue tooth ( using Rokr headset), can link to home mp3 files and listen to streaming radio.
It’s called Windows Mobile. Mine’s a Sprint Mogul but I’m sure there are quite a few others.
Common, why so slow in the game or are Macfans really that blinded?

exomni: If the iPod touch had bluetooth, I would buy it almost immediately.

VOIP ftmfw!

jferrari: Maybe they are waiting for leopard before they release the bluetooth.. and hopefully they will then support stereo bluetooth on MacBook’s too.

Nxt471: “Note that clicking on the Bluetooth icon brings up an empty screen which reads “nothing to see here.””

davidfilms: Yep. I’ve tried everything on this baby , and the “reset” button on the right doesnt work. I’ve even tried to zap it in iTunes. BTW, how would i go about dumping the flash. Peeps keep telling me to do it.

Any buyers? I just posted this on ebay (they kept recommending me to do this)

sfinney180: i dont what is an ipod touch without os x 🙂

kriminalintent: what would be killer is if you could use the wifi to connect to your shared itunes library, so then your could connect to your whole Music collection from your handheld when at home.

akhomerun: i don’t think the bluetooth icon means anything. it’s probably the same diagnostic software used with the iphone. why would they put bluetooth in without enabling it?

besides that, this could easily be faked. how do i know this isn’t just the image viewer?

it all just smells funny.

freshgrease: Doesn’t the accelerometer icon look like a penis? Apple sends hidden messages!


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