Confirmed: iPod Touch Definitely Has No Bluetooth, So Enough Already

ctrlzeeThe iPod Touch has been dissected by the ace mechanics at iFixit. And unless they overlooked something—actually, screw the constant hedging. There’s no Bluetooth in the iPod Touch. That’s it. Final.[…] Thanks to ctrlzee for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

HumanRecall: @macbot
Dugg Down ? WTF Do you MEAN !!
You idiot how is this inaccurate -FROM THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK IT APART !! UPDATE 1: We’re talking more to iFixit on the matter. There was a faulty consensus that their lack of report on Bluetooth implied that there was no Bluetooth. That was our mistake.

juicebag: Umm, how would bluetooth help an MP3 player?

MrViklund: Well there are new rumors out there that it has Bluetooth, but it’s well hidden. But they will eventually find it.

Aurarch: fucking gizmodo. confirmed my ass.

totorototoro: Jesus, Gizmodo. Spare us the fucking CONFIRMED/DEFINITELY headlines until, you know, you have fucking definitely confirmed the issue. Enough already.

aedenp: “UPDATE 1: We’re talking more to iFixit on the matter. There was a faulty consensus that their lack of report on Bluetooth implied that there was no Bluetooth. That was our mistake.
UPDATE 2: From iFixit: We’re looking into it. It’s hard to say because they can disguise bluetooth antenna on the PCB and the chip could be integrated into something else. I’ll see what I can dig up.[ifixit]”

that doesn’t sound like confirmed, at all, to me. good ole’ gizmodo…

csipod: Why is bluetooth such a big deal? Is there some way to use a bluetooth NES controller on it for emulators? Otherwise, why should I care about this?

rheaume: Can you use the Wifi to transfer songs from one ipod to another? No? Why is it ok now and the Zune got raped for that?

getatmedigg: What about someone stealing your iPod Touch and downloading music to it, (since it’s your itunes account). Are your payemnt details stored on the Ipod Touch.

Proctor: #ipodtouch

astrosmash: People are dumb.

What does Bluetooth circuitry cost? I’ll pull a number out of my ass and say $20. So, for every 1 million iPods Apple sells it costs them $20 million for bluetooth hardware, whether it’s utilized or not.

On the other hand, what does it cost Apple to leave the Bluetooth hooks in the iPod software? $0.00.

Which do you think is the more likely scenario?

Yes, Bluetooth was on the table for the iPod touch. Yes, it existed in the prototypes. No, it’s not in the production iPods.

afterwego: Please re-read this story. Gizmodo has added two updates to the original story and it now sounds like they jumped the gun on the no bluetooth comment. It is still under investigation, so there is nothing final about it.

johnpaul191: i kind of wish there was an iPod touch with the mechanical HDD of the iPod classic. not that i want a mechanical drive, but the storage of my 60GB drive is too much to give up no matter how cool the touch is. my iPod usually stays charged in my car (or a wall charger when i’m traveling), so i don’t have to dock it all the time. i generally dock it to sync podcasts, not plan my music for the next few days.

TheWiredNerv: You have to be a level 20 fanboy to activate the bluetooth. Go grind some more ipods and you’ll get there in no time!

beggersfunk: I don’t mind no bluetooth, but hell why in the world ipod touch cant do enable disk mode…that bites!


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