Dear Apple: Why does iTunes library management suck so bad?

simraOk, this is itunes version 7. Not 0.9. Could an intelligent Apple engineer explain to me why it is so hard to implement these seemingly straightforward features…[…] Thanks to simra for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

radink: This is why i no longer use iTunes. Terrible application.

moisie: I do from time to time have problems with iTunes but what I don’t understand is why people are seemingly moving their files around all the time. Just put them in iTunes and be done with it. If you want a copy of a file to do something with just make, one or drag it from itunes to whatever app you want.


rubyeyes: I read the first three points and noticed you had AC/DC and The Beatles on your list and relaized these are self inflicted wounds. Clearly iTunes is not for you – you need protection from yourself, by all means use WinAmp. I really don’t understand why someone will bitch about a product and then say something else is better. If it’s better go use it. iTunes is free and if you don’t like it don’t use it.

ExSlashdotter: The one thing I would love in iTunes? More than one ‘checkbox’ on items in the library.
I’ve got an AppleTV and an iPod, so sync’ing can be a pain (same thing if you have more than one iPod). I want a ‘checkbox’ to sync to AppleTV, and another ‘checkbox’ to sync to the iPod.

denoxis: Every friggin new iTunes download has a size of an operating system, yet I couldn’t see one new usable feature.

swordedge: I’d like iTunes to be properly multithreaded. Basically, after you download all your MP3 podcasts, it slows my win system to add a proper ID3 tag to the end of the track. This is a BACKGROUND type task. Go away and do that without bugging me. Don’t take such a big hit on my CPU cycles either.

grow4road: ive been saying all stuff this for years

udahlen: I think it’s OK for Apple to put out whatever crap they want and we must all use it. This is to balance 15 years of Microsoft crap. I didn’t hear the masses complain then. Just put up with it; in fact you are all required to praise Apple like you praised Microsoft.

Klink258: View >> Show Duplicates

Arctirus: Itunes is the reason I sold my ipod video for a cheap mp3 player that I could just drag and drop songs onto. Itunes is cumbersome and I found I seldom added new music because I didn’t feel dealing with itunes.

L_Hospital: Though this is totally sacrilegious, can anyone suggest an itunes alternatives for mac?

c0n724ll10n: Simra, you’re an idiot. There are tons of ways to get around that stuff. Read the manual, please, and have some creativity. Sometimes it takes a few deletions and re-uploads to fix a problem. Not a big deal.

Willravel: I’ve never had any trouble. I have my mp3s on my hard drive, and I have them automatically backed up on an external. If I want to delete them, I open itunes, select the piece or pieces I want deleted, then I hit delete. iTunes asks me if I want to move the originals to the trash, and I say yes. A broken link happens when you delete the mp3 without letting iTunes know what’s going on. If you do it in iTunes, you skip the problem.

Why would someone want to move or consolidate their library, btw? Is it not easily accessible where it is? Aren’t things mind-bogglingly simple? Yeesh.

newyawker: Why use iTunes? It’s a bloated mess. I like WMP11 or MusikCube.


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