Digg’s picture of the Year [PIC]

dimestockWith all the iPhone drama and unlocking drama. I felt this picture truly sums up the comedy in all this.[…] Thanks to dimestock for providing this nice story on Digg.digg_url = ‘http://www.diditforthelulz.com/attowned.jpg’;

What other users say about this:

flyingv123: Guy on phone: Mr. Jobs, there are two guys out here unlocking iPhones…ok…ok…..and where do you want me to put the bodies?

cliquee: really deserves 6000+ diggs… cool find

stickyhoney: If you have the technology to unlock the phone you’d have thought they could afford to make a better sign…

Stickyhoney | http://www.phoneau.com.au/

digitorum: Great pic, David against Goliath ….


icedust: go ducks!

CoolJammer00: what would they be using?

BullyAlert: Great picture, Genius! I write about ‘Websites’ check my site out http://www.WhichWebsite.com you may want to submit some of the stories to Digg

nelsonjj1: okay…this would not load for me for the first few tries and then when it did, I was totally disappointed. It only shows two guys sitting outside AT&T Holding cardboard signs that say “free iphone unlocking”. good try for funniest picture, but it doesn’t even really make me laugh.

oh…and all your iphones are belong to us.

milkSoft: Yes, I know.
diditforthelulz.com is quite 1337.

vinchBR: that is freaking funn


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