iPod Touch – First Look Inside

yum9meiFixit is at it again, this time disassembling the iPod Touch for everyone to see.[…] Thanks to yum9me for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

ffemt300: must be nice to have enough money to buy all this stuff and immediately tear it apart for the sake of science….

sixlaneve: Finally I can change my glorious iPod mini…

What piss me off is the price, 299 Dollars in USA and 299 Euros in Europe…. I would save 90 euros if I can get one from the states. I guess I have to check if any of my friends is coming back in europe soon.

mhender: I wonder how many diggers jacked off to these pictures.

kuujjuaqguy: “After seeing no official word from Apple, we resorted to a scratch test. We used a key to scratch the front of an iPod Video, iPod Touch, and iPhone.”
/cry 😥

MarcSage: I will wait until the 8gb is $199 in two months 🙂

Intensity: Isn’t it amazing that that’s what we all look like on the inside?

tycsteel: man i went and bought a 16gb one today at Best Buy and it was broke right out of the box i was soo mad cause when i went back they only had 8gb soo i bought one to play with until they get some more 16 in but it is really nice

csipod: want..to…touch
Some poor kind soul buy me one

barfooz: Call your local Apple store and see if they have them in stock. I got mine at the Tucson store yesterday, it was the last one they had. They get them in periodic shipments and if you’re lucky you might be able to snag one. Oh and by the way, it’s worth the money : )

halifaxboy: why do i have to wait to the end of the month for my order? does this mean it might ship early?

24imac: How about removing the Toshiba memory and adding a higher content of memory? I once had a job repairing scales, we would remove parts from a mainboard and replace them with new ones, remove the solder and solder in a new one.

You think it is even possible?

mentor972: Looks like it can take the headphones with the extra ring on it. In other words, the headphones with a mic will work in here. What for? Hmmmmm.

DaviDaviDaviD: The stand is a bit cheap in comparison to the iPhone’s isn’t it?
Interesting look inside.

Proctor: irc.freenode.net #ipodtouch

betojf: “After seeing no official word from Apple, we resorted to a scratch test. We used a key to scratch the front of an iPod Video, iPod Touch, and iPhone. We’re happy to report that the iPod Touch came out completely unscathed, while the iPod Video received a large gouge on its plastic front.”

Glad it wasn’t mine.


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