iUnlock Reloaded: free iPhone unlocking for dummies now available

erbpro8Wake the kids, phone the neighbors, the graphical version (we think it has a GUI, it’s unclear at the moment) of the iPhone unlocking software is now out, official, automatic (or as much as it can be) and free.[…] Thanks to erbpro8 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

kuujjuaqguy: Cant phone the neighbors until i unlock the iphone first…

americanuck: i hate how not a goddamned single link in any engadget article ever links to an actually helpful website. All the links are circular to engadget. stupid.

csipod: I can has unlock? This scene is getting better all the time. http://tinyurl.com/ys38lt

misskari: I can has a Digg topic that isn’t iSomething-related? Kthxbye.

Hermmunster: Keep in mind that th Library of Congress issued an exemption which allows individuals to unlock their phones. Apple putting in a fix would be a violation of the DMCA. Apple cannot take away what the law grants. If Apple tries you can issue cease and decist letters to Apple.

psilanthropist: http://freeiphoneunlock.com/unlock/ – it has the GUI unlocker available. still requires the phone to be jailbroken via iNdpendance or iBrickr and then the file to be transferred to the iphone’s /apps dir. then run it from your phone and it should work.

naonao: Excellent, this should work for me seeing how I have no fucking idea about the iPhone as of now..

YourMom1: I used http://iphone.unlock.no/ a few days ago, worked like a charm and only took 20 minutes.

And it didn’t cost me a thing except for the cost of an iPhone, which is $100 cheaper then the T-mobile MDA and way cooler.

sukimashita: “Oh noes, why relez for free?” /iPhoneFreeUnlockSimGeeks

Pfkninenines: This is one of many hacks…By not putting a new Sim card in, you are not switching networks….So what’s the point of unlocking an iPhone that is stuck on AT&T.

dillweed33: “…the graphical version (we think it has a GUI, it’s unclear at the moment) of the iPhone unlocking software is now out” What the hell? Buried for inaccuracy. How can they say ‘graphical’ and not know if it has a GUI?

dag68: For dummies who know how to use SSH?
I think Engadget once again jumped the gun. They ASSuMEd the next thing from the Dev group would be the GUI version. As soon as there was a new release they “broke” the news without even figuring out what the release was. Instead of breaking news, it is broken news.

mzaouar: i have woken the kids up, phoned the neighbors, but now how do i unlock ? :S

colosis: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=6740
this should help a bit, read all the posts in that thread by sam

Henron: But will it blend?


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