anySIM is here: open source GUI iPhone unlock app

arbiterofcoolWe’ve seen a couple of early versions of GUI iPhone SIM unlock apps from the open source community, but it looks like the iPhone Dev Team’s got its proper release in order.[…] Thanks to arbiterofcool for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

antivirus1: What it say is ” Couldn’t locate bytes to patch…” i am trying to use my T-Mobile card

antivirus1: anysim cant locate a files should i reinstall app

ec92009: help!!
anySym quit halfway on me
I lost my ATT completely

slackerli: anySIM gave me problems as well. Erica Sudan’s unlock tool works!

kkiran: anySIM is error prone, I don’t know why people are digging it like crazy, it din’t work for so many people, and to add to it,it caused all sorts of problems. Hope these issues are sorted out.

selfdisplaced: this didn’t work for me, get’s the end and errors unable to unlock.

i did eventually get it unlocked though 🙂 yay- t-mobile

AceTracer: How to install anySIM…(much easier)

1. Install the AppTapp Installer if you haven’t already done so,
2. Launch MobileSafari and go here,
3. Click “Yes”, then go back to Installer and refresh sources.
4. Find anySIM in the list and install it.

jkharris07: Im really glad someone decided to make this stuff open source.

merrickx: I told myself I’ll only buy an iPhone once the price dropped and unlocking software was distributed free and easy…..
So, here I am right now writing this comment because I’m waiting for my iPhone, sitting so gloriously on my bed, to unlock. :]

Jerky1312: The tech sites are sure milking this iPhone hacking news for all its worth.

Fidodo: I don’t own an iPhone, I don’t plan on buying an iPhone, can we stop putting this on the front page?

Prodigyman: I am picking one up here in Canada (ebay) sometime next week. If Apple releases 3G version of it soon I’d be pissed. But they could tell us at least if they are ever going to release HDLC (3G) IPhones…

merrickx: All this iPhone unlocking junk.
I just slid the button to the right.. worked fine for me.

rhaleuk: If Apple launch/announce a 3G one on Tuesday in London, I’m buying one. If not, I’ll be importing one right away via eBay. Stupidly, an 8gig iPhone, including shipping from America is £50 less than my Nokia N95 cost!

RaDiKaL: Follow these steps to install anySIM.
1. Download and install iTunes –
2. Download and extract iBrickr 0.8 to your desktop –
3. Connect your iPhone
4. Launch iBrickr.exe from the directory you installed it to
5. Follow all instructions in iBricker to Jailbreak your phone
6. Relaunch iBrickr
7. Click “Applications”
8. Follow instructions to install PXL
9. Click “Browse”
10. Click “anySIM”
11. Now, it’s installed on your phone.

Follow these steps to unlock your phone after you’ve installed the application.
1. Disconnect your phone from the computer.
2. Follow these instructions to install a different sim card –
3. Ensuring the new card is installed properly, launch anySIM from your iPhone springboard (the icons on the home page)
4. Agree to the agreement (press OK)
5. Wait for a while (~15 mins)
6. You’re done!

Can’t take credit for this since I didn’t make it but it helped me a bunch. 🙂


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