iPhone features you’ll miss out on by buying an iPod touch

billpalmerHere is a (preliminary) list of things you’ll lose out on by buying an iPod touch…[…] Thanks to billpalmer for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

LeeSoong: feature 1- not giving 2,500 dollars to att company

beggersfunk: Bloody hell Apple, i would buy an iPhone if theey release it in Japan…damn it. I prefer iphone instead of the touch simply because i dont want to carry any more crapp im my pocket. But what choices do we have in Japan…beside the iTouch.

clpo13: Why on Earth would anyone bother buying an iPod Touch? Is it so hard to shill out a hundred extra and get an iPhone with the same size storage and extra features? Or better yet, go for an iPod Classic and get more storage to keep and play all your music, which is the whole point of owning an MP3 player…not calendars and touch screens.

OdinEye: On and on with the “It’s just an iPod, what do you expect?”
It’s a new product, and supposedly an advancement beyond existing products. The old iPod’s didn’t have web browsers, and didn’t run OSX. While it is an iPod, it’s definitely something different from that first generation product that originally carried the name. This device has the potential to be a phenomenal PDA and provide the potential for people who can’t live with AT&T for whatever reason to move down from three devices to two.
Unfortunately, while it has the potential, the crippling of the software keeps it from reaching that end, with no obvious good reason for it. I’m a real Apple fan, but the loss of the mail app, notes, and ability to edit the calendar are a real sticking point for me.
Of course, I’ll probably buy an iPhone instead, but still…

irixyu: The iPod touch is just another form of iPod. iPods are designed to play media. Does it play music, video, and display pictures? Yes, it does. It’s not a watered down iPhone, it’s just a new iPod with a touch screen and internet browsing capability.

jkharris07: I would much rather get an iPhone than a iPod Touch. Theres just too many features you would be missing out on.

ryanherb: what about the features you’ll miss out on by buying an iPhone?!?!

qwertyguy: no iphone in canada = me getting a touch (when the screen issue is fix)

doshindude: why make the ipod like a stripped down iphone? that’s like the dumbest move ever. the iphone was bad enough, now they release an even CRAPPIER not-iphone? I knew apple would screw it up eventually. (not that ipods were any great in the first place. Creative Zen and Palm FTW.)

daGUY: This is dumb. If you add back in all the features of the iPhone that were left out of the Touch, you end up with…an iPhone! At the same price! In the same form factor!

zongamin: most dick headed article I’ve ever read.

teethman: So not only is an iPod touch an iPhone without the phone, its also a gimped version of the iPhones extra features.

Palaceguard: When is apple going to add new features to the damm iPhone like flash, cut&paste, etc? It’s the same shit when I bought it in July. They had 2 years to programs more junk for it

Stevethegreat: Good thing I’ve just bought an Iphone 8gb, and being in Europe I’ve paid 100 bucks less (€300 for me, ipod touch will be also €300) without a contract (minus $60 per month). It’s a no brainer for us here in Europe….

jubbjubb: point: either spend the extra $100 for the iphone or just buy the ipod classic


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