iPod Touch screen problem: Negative Black Effect

dude666There seems to be what is called the negative black effect. It’s hard to explain so I’ve put together a sample video with the iPod touch next to the iPhone playing the same video.[…] Thanks to dude666 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Jersey2FL: I just came from my visit to a Genius in Ft Lauderdale. He said my screen is fine. And he has not had anyone else complain. I told him about the forum post on Apples site since I thought it was strange that he NEVER heard about this. He said “We don’t have time to read the forums”.

So Apple releases their biggest product of the year, and Apple support reps have no idea what the end users are saying about it. What if there was a thread with over 15 thousand views that said the iPod Touch burst into flames while charging?

getliquified: looks like i will be waiting to have this fixed before buying

geniusj: You think the touch is bad? You should see it on the iBeat Blaxx.

GuitaristTom: lol, now apple stuff sucks… man $teve Job$ and M$ are gay… the cool kids are too l337 for that… UniX all the way man

Comkeen: I’m amazed at the [lack of] intelligence of apple fan boys here. Its like the time I got into a debate over why Apple wouldn’t put expandable memory on their flash players, and the other guy told me that was actually a good thing. Anyways back to my point on the Zen PMP… next time try reading a whole post before you add something in as an excuse to bury me. I never QUOTED the depth of the Zen PMP, only the length and height.

I dislike Apple less then I dislike its rabid fan base.

Stopher: I figure I’m pointing out the obvious but are there any brightness settings that can be adjusted?

digjam: may be negetive african american effect?

siouxmoux: I have pre-order my Ipod 16gig ITouch on the day of the announcement from Steve. I have not read up on all of the technicals details of issues of video problem. If the ITouch Video glitches are Software base. Then I would presume that Apple will shortly release an update patch to address the video playback issues.

But if it Hardware issue, I am planning to canceled my order with apple and wait for generation 2 for apple to fixed the video portion of the Itouch.

Kainzy: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nYxlrsReUEU
I too cancelled my order until this gets resolved. I’m not paying £240 for a screen that is that poor.

kinerry: This isn’t a bug, it’s a camera trick.

Watch at the device on the right ALWAYS gets darker as the left one gets brighter

rehkcts: I’m a little sad to see so many problems popping up with the new iPod Touch. I hope Apple fixes these issues fast.

mthanded: I too have the problem… Other than this i am ridiculously happy with my ipod touch. The interface alone was enough for me to buy.

cave: It’s clear to me that Apple doesn’t care about accurately portraying people of color in the media.

bryceman111: Dugg for proving Apple doesn’t care about black people.

jonneh: Digging this because when I first loaded up some videos on my Touch I was surprised as to how difficult it was to view dark scenes. I primarily bought it to be able to view videos and all this shi has just disappointed me. I tried forcing myself to like it and ignore the problem but it can’t be done. I’m with others here and I’ll wait it out this week and see if apple addresses it at all–if not… so long iPod Touch, we hardly knew ye.


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