My iPod Touch is part iPhone?

NOFXYApparently apple takes the time to remove functional code like allowing you to input calendar events but doesn’t bother to change the “iPhone is disabled” text shown when you lock your iPod and fail to type in the right password.[…] Thanks to NOFXY for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

drastik21: who would spend that much for a 16GB Ipod anyways

Zbug: Odd, the blacks look fine to me in that picture.

Atomic1fire: all someone needs to do is hack the ipod touch like they did the phone to get the functionality of a calander
I dont see the big deal that or using google calender mobile

guinpen: whether it’s a youtube or apple issues, you have to be seriously deluded to expect that the ipod touch isn’t a an iphone stripped down. they didn’t create this device from scratch. anyone buying it *knows* it’s “part iphone”

futebollounge: Same thing happened when I locked my PSP.

jkharris07: Apple really needs to up their beta testing.

sp1nm0nkey: Stuff like this happens! Every programmer in that division probably just went OH SHIT and they’ll have it fixed in the next build. About the calendar, remember the price difference between the 4 gig and 8 gig iphone? That’s not nearly how much the nand flash costs. It’s because people would accept it. They impaired the calendar because you don’t use an iPod as a PDA… you _could_ but that’s not what it’s supposed to be, the iPhone is supposed to be the PDA in their lineup. There’s nothing stopping Apple from putting Mail onto the iPod but they wouldn’t because it’s not a PDA. If Apple can get you to buy an iPhone for something you need, they totally will. Sort of an asshole move I guess but that’s business.

FartyMcFart: In order to get the iPhone lockout screen, you need to try to unlock the iTouch multiple times unsuccessfully. It will then display the screen in question.

BayAreaKing: And we all know Apple won’t do one thing about it…So sad. iPod Touch COULD have been just as popular or maybe even more popular than iPhone IF they: kept all iPhone apps (Mail, Weather, Maps, Stocks), make it a little thicker and put a 30GB HDD. These things shouldn’t have been an issue. They should have put it in the iPod Touch, but didn’t. DO something about it Apple!

jaxed: That’s not the only place that Apple left the iPhone name in the Touch software…

SHOVELLit: Let me just say, if this was a Microsoft product that did this, everyone would be saying how crap they are and ho they suck. You are like, ohhh, they are a billion dollar company, but it doesn’t matter that they made a rookie error. Stop sucking Apple’s balls you freaks, even though they make cool stuff.

generalLEE: That’s nothing. Wait until it crashes and shows a BSOD!!!

BMANZZS: “My iPod Touch is part iPhone?”

…and you couldn’t tell that just by looking at it?

proggieus: You have to enter the passcode wrong multiple (6?) times before it comes up, but mine displays the same message although it only makes me wait 1 minute

stcroixsailor: haha… mine too

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