Status of iPod Touch Jailbreak: “Jailbreak seems increasingly unlikely…”

Luigi239A status report of the attempts to Jailbreak the iPod touch. So far, things are not looking so good.[…] Thanks to Luigi239 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

pranaysanghavi: this has been overcome, ipod has been hacked, jailbroken.
enjoy 3rd party and ifone apps on ipod! . . .. hurray. check out utube

hongkongfive: This is total rubbish, stories like this were being written about busting open the iPhone until the 74th day (or U-Day). Jailbreaking the iPod Touch isn’t unlikely, it is inevitable.

SoxFanNH: Its pathetic that it needs to be “hacked” in the first place…

Allistar: I can’t wait for a workaround to come about.

Being able to use, the Google Maps app (maybe caching the directions/map for when you are on the go?), etc. will be GREAT.

shoook: I understand Jailbreaking an iPhone, but the term “Jailbreak” when applied to iPod Touch doesn’t make much sense to me. Are you saying you want to hack it?

Dagreenman: How about a hack so i can get some fucking cut and paste on an iphone? how about that?

myflyertrains: Patience is required here. We will be loading new apps on our Touches soon enough…

kris33: Shit. Not positive news since I think iPhone firmware 1.1 will be very similar to the firmware of iPod Touch.

purplepeople: i don’t understand why apple won’t let people run whatever apps they want on their iphone / ipod touch. wouldn’t they sell many many more of them if it were possible and easy? what’s the point of restricting the use?

puffinfresh: Ummm I’m pretty sure there’s already a way to jailbreak the iPod Touch. It was posted here – (but it looks to be down at the moment). People managed to get in a copy across apps from the iPhone, like Mail, Weather and Stocks.

edit: Google Cache –

bouncetigger: If i got screwed by buy a iphone to early, I’ll be downing the ipod touch too.

L33tMasta: Is a chick trying to hack it? NO WONDER IT’S NOT WORKING!

MikeonTV: isn’t this just an iphone without the phone?

dougless: Hacking Windows = malicious intent
Hacking Apple gadgets = community service

Shorties: It will be hacked, everything can be hacked.


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