The Free Mac Classroom (Over 200 apps!)

dhollisterAbsolutely the biggest list of free educational applications for the Mac! Over 200 free apps listed and categorized.[…] Thanks to dhollister for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

antitab: Schoolhouse has actually made me friends. No lie. People see me using it during class and are curious about it, I link them to a download and my classcast, and beautiful relationships blossom.

Mac: It gets you friends.
This post brought to you by Apple.

destroyerwi: There was a time when I was up on Mac software enough to make a list like this myself. That time was 1996. Incredibly useful list. I downloaded SiteSucker first, then sucked this page so I’ll have it always.

dadSp33k: they aren’t all free.

hamobu: many (if not most) of these apps are Open source apps. It is a shame that an army of pretentious guys in jeans and turtle-necks (and probably sporting a rainbow motif somewhere on their person) will be mislead into thinking that Macs are great!

Emijo: Ohh, brilliant, just brilliant!

0livero: I used to use eSword on the PC, but after my mac conversion I have been searching for sometime for a new Bible as eSword does not work on mac.. and now I have found the MacSword! Fantastic. Thanks so much for finding these applications.

LlFT: This is just a compilation of the what the Apple website has offered for years… Plus the Apple site gives a better description of the apps.

JoeDiggsIt: This is perfect, I’m getting my new macbook today and I can use this guide. Thanks!

Bamont: One Word: Cubed

beerbarron: This is an awesome compilation of utils and such forth, I would like to see more remote desktop support on the list though, and I don’t mean server connection, apps like netop. Granted you can use apple remote desktop, but thats expensive…

ramshaw: Thanks for this some of this stuff is gonna come in really useful for me I think 🙂

picsectionpleez: Camino FTW

jchalmer85: I digg this story not just for the awesome mac apps, but because it was done in iWeb, hosted on .Mac, and it looks great. Props to the creator of the page just for that.

dupeduperson: its probably wrong that I digg things like this because I want to bookmark it and examine it later. Why did digg remove the search my diggs feature?

Yes, I know digg is not supposed to serve as a social bookmarking site, but that is what I want.

sotarts: No Quicksilver? That should be number 1 on any mac app list.


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