4 Free iPhoto Tools You Need To Have On Your Mac.

obeezyHow about those little utilities for iPhoto that really make it a cool and fun Mac utility? Not that there’s anything wrong with iPhoto. It’s not Photoshop and Bridge and needs a little help.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

DanielNielsen: Im still waiting for a Pixelmator final release

MrManFitz: You all fail.

Konstantinopol: I’m a new mac user, and has just finished importing my 15GB photo-collection to iPhoto.

Kelmon: I’m surprised to see that FlickrExport from Fraser Speirs doesn’t appear on the list as I thought this plug-in was mandatory if you use Yahoo!’s Flickr service (http://connectedflow.com/flickrexport/iphoto/).
Article is buried since I don’t believe that any of those add-ons are in any way essential, particularly in the ’08 version of iPhoto.

HunterTV: Really stunning comments guys. Well done.

mp3dog: Why in the world would you need to create separate photo libraries?
Isn’t that what albums are for???

theprez: WTF…? I feel so stupid not knowing that holding down Option while opening iTunes or iPhoto allows me to choose or create another library. It’s a feature I always thought was missing to separate work stuff with personal stuff. Since when has this existed?

iparker: no bullets to identify the “must have” tools for iphoto? fuck that, show me something clearly or i’m moving on.

fangorious: Not quite on-topic, but other than QuickTime Pro or the cfx iMovie plugin, how can I rotate video clips? The cfx iMovie plugin seems to want to crop when it rotates.

willwork4ammo: Keyword assistant is no longer supported in iPhoto ’08.
From the req’s section:
Keyword Assistant does not support iPhoto 7 (from iLife ’08), and I have no plans to support it in the future for one happy reason: iPhoto’s native keyword interface is now good enough that Keyword Assistant is not necessary! Yay!

macbth: I got to try out some of these add – ons

h00ligan: Here I was just using iPhoto thinking.. thank god it’s not Adobe Bridge. Like i need to deal with that, every time i want to show someone some trip pics.

NeonElixir: Meh.

TurboBeard: Frames? Glamour shots? That site looks like it was from 1995 so I can’t read the article.
Eat it.

bhalash: Don’t forget Lightroom. It adds all those handy tools iPhoto simply don’t have.


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