Apple’s new iPod checksum cracked by GtkPod coders

vergeApple’s attempt to block third-party music management software on new iPods has been thwarted by open-source software developers, and it’s not the first time.[…] Thanks to verge for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

trotskyist: Thank.

superjamie: It was actually Amarok, and this is the THIRD story on this. Do you people even read Digg?

chitoiup: GtkPod coders for president!

ingoldsby: Why is everyone assuming that apple changed their database on the ipod to “break” compatibility. A more likely scenario is that their technology is always changing to support new software features and hardware. I think apple is guilty more of not releasing the specs of whatever it is they are working on to the community than of intentionally breaking aftermarket software.

Kitsune818: I don’t understand why someone would be pissed when their proprietary hardware they bought from a company who openly uses a proprietary software model won’t work with third party apps. I mean, I understand wanting your hardware to work the way you want, but seriously, you can’t say you didn’t know this ahead of time.. The close hardware/software ties are half the reason I buy an Apple product anyways.

inkubux: I have an easy solutions don’t buy iPods

Billions: See, that wasn’t so bad. People figured it out. All of that effort spent last week complaining about Apple ‘LOXXORZING” the iPod touch… Relax, my friends, the community comes to your rescue.

I agree however, that Apple should just get iTunes on Linux.

exomni: Took them long enough.

Honestly though, I’d rather see iTunes on Linux. Is it compatible with WINE yet?

zervic: FTA: Why did Apple do this in the first place? It appears to be a lock-in strategy intended to force consumers to use iTunes.

Here’s a brilliant idea: iTunes for Linux

LynchMOB: Did Apple REALLY attempt to keep people from using 3rd party apps instead of iTunes for the iPod OR was it just incapability’s with the NEW iPod OS and the old 3rd party apps?

StandardsDT: I love how hackers can crack something like this on the iPod, but for the Zune no one can’t. It’s a shame really. This isn’t a iPod vs. Zune comment. Personally I think both are great products. How I prefer the Zune like many people who prefer the iPod. I just wish the same community that hacks the iPod would point other people to work on hacking the Zune.

slochewie: yay, and there was much rejoice. Seriously, though I almost updated my iPod through iTunes on Saturday and then saw it wouldn’t work on Linux after doing so, so I didn’t. Now after waiting an entire day for someone to crack it, it has already been cracked. I love open source communities.

rubyeyes: Umm so it was undocumented and the opensourcers get their panties in a wad. If it was truly there to inhibit I’m sure it would have taken a bit longer than a week to “crack”.

cplusplus: Apple is being anti customer here. That’s why I avoid iPods.

hamobu: And to think: Apple is the alternative to Microsoft!


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