Bill Maher Rips iPhone Fanboys a New One

mklopezLeave it to Bill Maher to bring us down to earth about the frickin’ iPhone. Thanks, Bill. We needed that. Well, at least the “nerd tax” was reduced by $100.[…] Thanks to mklopez for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

mikehill33: which video is it?

I got a list of all his video clips…which would be a useless Digg submission.

jsp317: Now that was funny. I don’t care who you are. I know i have damn sure got burned wanting the latest and greatest. It’s the price we pay.

britoca: Fuck Apple

DeathChill: I can’t believe how overly angry many of you are getting. He’s making a joke about the truth of the situation, not personally attacking any of you…

haroldk: Why do people legitimize Maher’s mean-spirited, sarcastic humor?

It figures that he dated Ann Coulter.

wageslaven: Maher misses his description of the iphone user, givnig them a compliment by calling them nerds, geeks or the informed early-adopter.

Apple users are hipster wanna-be yuppies who buy overpriced fashion products on credit.

PaulOnion: Billy Boy can be an AssFace @ times but there are moments of truths between his lop-sided rants…

BeingHuman: You all lose, Bill included.

BeingHuman: You all lose, including you, Bill.

willgonz: He’s the type of guy that would camp out for Yanni tickets.

combustion8: Bill’s a douche as are iPhone fanboys.

CraigJ: Bill Maher = Liberal Bill o’Reilly

chuckufarley: the iPhone slides in and out of my wife’s neopolitan cheerio nicely! much like the toy dolphin from my Sealab 2021 playset….thanks UW so·ror·i·ties

jptolife: The thing is that the iPhone keeps getting talked about. People can’t seem to be able to live without the iPhone anymore. Lol people need lives… Yes the truth hurts.

kaiwai: What I love; in every comedy there is a perl of wisdom that can’t be ignored. Lets remember folks; this is just a phone, another phone with new fancy features that slowly become so-so after a few hours/days/months of usage. I find it funny that people are offended over someones comments regarding a phone.

Come on guys (used in a non-genders specific sense), are there people that attached to a device/company that they need to spam forums with mouth foaming abuse? talk about a need for a life.


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