Comprehensive Review of Apple’s iPod touch (8GB/16GB) – no BS edition

jeremyhorwitzWith the lowest rating yet issued to an iPod, this massive, truly complete review of the iPod touch leaves no stone unturned: comparative screen quality, battery, audio, and video tests with photographs and videos will help you decide whether your money’s better spent on another iPod – or saved for a better model next year.[…] Thanks to jeremyhorwitz for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

weaverita: I think the integrated 802.11b/g has to be one of the best features… *IF* the user is allowed to use it. Does anyone know if the touch allows most or all of the iTunes features to be run natively from the Touch? I have read that you can *buy* directly from the touch, but can it maintain it’s own podcast lists? The concept is to have it update itself whenever it is within range of an internet connection. This capability alone (i.e. not having to physically connect your pod to your computer) would be a huge step forward.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

akhomerun: i think it’s just unfair for iLounge to judge the iPod Touch based on the iPhone. I also think the whole screen thing will blow over, and I don’t see why iLounge doesn’t see that their review unit is defective and most people going to stores are getting replacements.

The iPod Touch and iPhone do different things, and people like iLounge were expecting something exactly the same as an iPhone but without the phone. It’s not the same product and if you need to use the other apps that the iPhone has without the easy hacks that are going to come out in like 2 weeks, well, then you should probably be buying an iPhone. That doesn’t make the Touch bad. There are tons of MP3 players that are out there that are rated well and don’t have half the features the touch doesn’t.

You can see all the iLounge editors have iPhones, so they don’t understand what the point of the Touch is. It’s for people who don’t want a damn phone in their MP3 player.

miniboss: Note: I am not saying it is bad. But as an iPod Touch owner I’m sad to say that this is a disappointing product. And that has much to do with how great the iPhone is.

I think the best description for the Touch experience is that it feels like one of those asian ripoff products that always pop up right after a big Apple announcement. It looks and feels like the real thing but when you use it then it’s obvious that it is missing something.

RooDoG: The only thing that has me worried is that screen…. I really hope they don’t fix the screen after I receive my preorder. It kind of has me wanting to cancel my order and wait to see if anything is done to fix that problem.

DirtyBrowncoat: If all the fanboys could cease parroting the “It’s a media player, not a PDA” mantra, I’d appreciate it. I know it makes you feel all warm and cozy about your beloved company, but I’ve already heard it a million times, and it still doesn’t convince me that the iPod Touch is Lord Steve’s gift to the world.

The iPod stopped being just a “media player” when it included contacts, calendar, clock, notes, and whatever else is included in the iPod. Period. End of story.

Second, it’s one thing to not include certain programs in order to make the iPhone more attractive. I’m talking about the exclusion of Mail, Google Maps, Stocks, Weather, and Notes. It’s another to put the identical application on the iPod Touch and then cripple a small, but extremely useful, feature, and THEN remove mention from it from the website and hope no one notices, in order to make the iPhone more attractive.

So, please, stop mentioning that the Touch is just an “iPod” or “media player” when it has wi-fi, Safari, a full functioning keyboard, contacts, and a calendar. It’s really starting to sound pathetic at this point. Thank you.

MorpheousMarty: For what it’s worth, I have one an iPod Touch right next to me right now, and have been playing with it all weekend. I agree with the review. It’s a great product, but it is clear that it could have been better. I’m debating weather to return it or not.

batmant: I think the Touch would of be much better received if its release _preceded_ the iPhone’s.

Trixrox: I like the touch interfaces, but it drives me insane to have finger prints and dirt on the screen. I have clean hands, but I can’t stop them from secreting oils. Plus I have bad luck with getting little scratches on screens, there needs to be a revolution in screen scratch resistance.

SBeckstrand: theres always us who want quality over quantity.
the ipod touch wil be a hit

jydesign: Yeah, the first second I saw the ‘touch’, I knew it was a rush to get a phone-less iPhone out there ( Will still be functional, but looking forward to seeing it get over the v1.0 blues and gain an identity of its own as a product via some redesigning.

I still see the nano as being the most important of that release set. I knew of a lot of kids and teens that had a 5th gen iPod just to get video, but never came close to filling its capacity – so parents were really overpaying (or more likely not buying) video capable iPods. Now with the nano, it will be easy to placate your kids with a video player for a more reasonable price, so I see these selling a lot.

Lorddias: Screw iPod, wheres the reviews for the iBeat Blaxx?

shout: man this site is so dugg it’s not even funny.

kagayaki1: Can’t wait to read it when iLounge is back up. iLounge usually has pretty good server speed, so I think it’s interesting so many people wanted to read iLounge’s review, they crashed the site. Says a lot of people are at least *thinking* about getting an iPod touch.

pixelbeat: The real reason that iPod Touch has not got more storage it’s because of the battery life issue. Samsung electronics it’s going to release 32 gigabytes flash nand in the next quarter. Till then, it is impossible to get more storage.

I read a lot of articles recently about iPod Touch, screen issues, poorly iPhone downgraded firmware on it, noticeable audio hiss in some models. It is the first time that I see Apple failing so hard. Love to have an iT, but it’s carrying a lot of negative buzz.

Probably, gonna get a Nano 3rd gen. Or nothing at all.

bandola: Mirror here:

(only seems to contain the first page of the review, sorry…)


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