Ipod Touch a probable explanation for the negitave black issue

kriminalintentAn engineer with experience in the LCD industry gives you his 2 cent on the apple forum.[…] Thanks to kriminalintent for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

nathanstl: I have the same issue with my iphone. Maybe not that extreme, but I just watch akon’s video on youtube and definitely same problem.

sargentr: i was just at an apple store and i watched a couple of the sample videos and they looked fine.

frederoil: Do you people believe everything you read on the internet? Just because someone says they are an expert, that means they automatically are?

dagamer34: Never buy initial runs of a first-gen product? Is that so hard to understand?

ahecht: This has nothing to do with the AR coating. Many LCDs exhibit different off-axis behavior when a pixel is off compared to when the pixel is slightly on. Since viewing the movies in landscape mode is technically off-axis (these screens were designed for portrait mode), pixels that are actually off instead of slightly gray actually show up as lighter.

This problem is common on things like palm pilots and WinCE devices. However, there is an easy software solution: just map any pixels with a brightness value of 0 (out of 256) to 1. It will slightly lower the overall constrast, but it will fix the problem. I had to do this with all the videos I viewed on my old Palm Tungsten E2

superjamie: Buried because you can’t spell. NEGATIVE.

regeya: BOARDSPAM!

Erm…good stuff. Maybe some day I’ll get to buy some shiny Apple stuff.

(Seriously, why do people bitch about blogs–even original content on blogs–and not boards?)

SoCalMario: excellent and I almost bought one. I really like the apple touch but I KNEW there was bound to be some problem worth waiting a few extra months for!!

rubyeyes: I knew it China!!! First dog food, then toothpaste, lead paint on toys … now they are jackin with our iPod touches!

wush: http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/5118/dearyvc8.jpg
That’s a major issue – no questions.

cgehring: The link works every time if you remove the “&tstart=0” from the end of it.

over90000: Another Apple apologist. Oh no. Apple can do no wrong. It must be the RIAA!

rossnyc: GG Spelling.

BayAreaKing: Maybe this was their evil plan to distract us from the fact that it’s still only 16GB..

pyrates: I wonder how the fan boys are gonna spin this. Yes they should have done it right, but if the company told Apple that they weren’t ready yet, then Apple should have accepted it and delayed it. Now they got a mess on their hands and both companies are at fault for it. Apple should exchange each and every ipod touch with this issue. I expect them to do this.


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