Mirror Your Mac onto a Bootable External Drive

mklopezIf and when that terrible day your Mac dies finally catches up to you, you can be back up and running with all your applications, system preferences, settings and data in under 5 seconds with a bootable system clone.[…] Thanks to mklopez for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

girafx: Save yourself the $30 and use Carbon Copy Cloner (bombich dot com)

sudowrestler: My method is to make a periodic clone to a USB drive with the free version of SuperDuper, and separate daily automated backups of my home directory with the free Lacie SilverKeeper, with the music folder excepted. The home folder backup just takes a couple minutes. This way data will always be just about current.

copper7op: i’ll start doing this now!! i’ve had an old 120gb usb drive kicking around and now i have a use for it

scgf: To backup your bootcamp partition download the free app ‘BartPE’ which will create a bootable Windows CD, and install DriveImageXML (do a Google search for both). Once you have the bootable CD, boot your Mac with it and simply backup your Bootcamp partition using DriveImageXML to an external USB/Firewire drive. I bought a small 2.5″ hard drive and a USB enclosure from eBay – very cheap. I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro hard drive and was back in business very quickly using SuperDuper and BartPE.

dyranios2: Yeah I do this once a month (with superduper) so if for whatever reason I lose all my data on my harddrive I will never be a month at most out of date, it helps me sleep at night. 🙂

otomo: My solution is to have a 20G partition for the os (/ for you unix guys) and to throw in the other partition as /Users (all users added, overlay mount).

Then I only backup the os partition with disk utility before I install point updates, and rsync the other partition every few days or so, it is a cron job. Seems to work fine. Of course this involves the voodoo that is the command line.

paulgrunt: SuperSuper is an excellent backup solution for mac. I’ve been using it for about a year and its been invaluable for me. Easily the fastest most convienient backup solution.

shaggypaul: dd ftw

nycmac247: use target disk mode and Disk Utility, maybe?
also – Intel macs can boot from USB – as long as they are formatted right

deepblue: Will Superduper or CCC include the Parallels virtual machines too?

Bikechess: One caveat: I don’t think this strategy works if you have your computer encrypted with FileVault – you can no longer boot up from the duplicate drive. This, at least, is my experience. Our IT department is now forcing us to use encryption – effectively destroying my excellent backup strategy. The encryption is really effective, too, since my password is “enter”

totorototoro: What would make SuperDuper! truly amazing would be if it could back up the BootCamp partition seamlessly as well. As it is, you’ll need to use DiskUtility to make a disk image of that to back it up as well. SuperDuper! is pretty great otherwise, however.

jabberwolf: LIE in title!
Back up in 5 seconds? Um maybe differential or incremental.
Second mirroring is not new, well maybe for Apple it is.

dupeduperson: I am surprised no one has mentioned carbon copy cloner. Pretty good software. I use it to do the same thing. In the past I tried superduper, but I can’t remember why I use carbon copy cloner instead.


bingobongony: i hate it when my Mac dies finally catches up to me


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