OS X Dashboard Widgets running on iPhone (with screen shot)

CaptainObviousCopy /System/Library/WidgetResources over to your iPhone, install your OS X widgets into /var/root/Library/Widgets and run Widgets.app. “The Weather, ESPN and Calendar widgets are some of the best; the Flight Tracker, Dictionary and Phone Book are among the worst” in compatibility[…] Thanks to CaptainObvious for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

TexasFlood93: no matter how good your team is doing, you stick with ’em.

blackbrutha: put this on installer please. Too lazy to ssh or ftp.

harryterry: also dugg for the NHL but seriously TexasFlood…the kings arent good anymore

Maxpower57: All the iphone is is a collection of widgets anyway.

TexasFlood93: dugg for the NHL widget. GO KINGS!

spargett: Damn, I really wanted the Dictionary to work : (

mrdude272: It’s funny…while the iPhone is cool now, it’ll be just another “razr” once every redneck,grandma and “tweenage” girl has one.

temugen: Thank you CaptainObvious.

niallabrown: People make fun of the Open Moko and say its for Linux nerds, but if you have to do this to get a simple application on iPhone…. why bother? Open Moko will be very user friendly and have tonnes of apps that you don’t have to hack to use. iPhone is pretty ridiculous. I want to OWN my phone for once.

saddino: @ravi: this is just a hack…Most widgets won’t work since they require system calls, widget plugins or other OS X-only features.

FredFredrickson: Let the uselessness commence!

digitallysick: Nice, so what are some decent widgets to use?

ravi7791: Does the translator and dictionary work? I’m going to order my iPhone tonight so I can’t test it out myself.

tim507: I thought you could put OSX widgets on it already..guess i missed that part 😛

SillyMamma: http://rapidshare.com/files/56422708/Widgets-0.1.tar.html


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