The iPod meets the iPhone: a review of the iPod touch

zaibatsuApple has drastically overhauled the iPod with the release of the iPod touch. Ars goes hands-on with the latest iteration of the world’s top-selling digital audio player line to determine if the iPod touch is anything more than an iPhone without the phone.[…] Thanks to zaibatsu for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

LittleDas: Actually it looks like they give two different resolutions within the same article.
Nice proofreading guys.

LittleDas: According to wikipedia, the resolution isn’t 640×480 it’s 480×320, the same as the iPhone
I’m willing to believe wikipedia but does anyone else have other information?

astrosmash: The thing that bothers be about the iPod touch is that it’s not so much the next-gen iPod as a crippled iPhone.

Take the iPod classic. With a 80 GB drive I can store my entire music collection, my entire photo library, I can backup my MacBook, and I can throw a few Family Guy episodes on there to boot. *That* is how you get the most out of the hardware, and it feels good.

Compare that with the touch (or iPhone jr., as I think of it), a device that is intentionally crippled. The disabled calendar really takes the cake, and I fear it’s a harbinger of things to come. And with the lack of any certainty regarding 3rd-party applications, it’s very hard to get behind the touch. Not to mention that capacity-wise it’s hardly a replacement for my 4G iPod.

I love my iPod because I’ve gotten a ridiculous amount of use out of it over the last three years, but when I look at the touch all I see is the stuff that isn’t there.

RagnerD: I love the new generation of iPods. I just wish I didn’t need to choose between the massive storage of the Classic and sex appeal of the Touch. They are both lickable.

If you need lyrics or art for iTunes/iPod try this plugin.

thesledman: I think a large part of the disappointment or lack of features people feel is due to the iPhone coming out before the touch. The iPod touch is the next generation iPod. The iPhone is the touch with “smart-phone” features. Jobs billed the iPhone as the “Best iPod Ever” meaning it was a cell phone combined with the iPod touch interface. It needed to have smart-phone features to compete with phones of that price range. The added fact that iPhone guaranteed 24hr Internet connectivity (EDGE) including email makes sense. I think if the touch came out prior the the iPhone people wouldn’t have been so disappointed. Although honestly I can see Apple addressing the calendar and email in the touch. Not sure if the LCD issue can be addressed via software though. Steve Jobs likes to cripple things at first, then un-cripple them and look like a hero.

jdaniel284: I’m sick of Apple articles. We know already… the new iPods are a disappointment. Let’s move on now.

SN3AKattack: Wait, wait, wait… hold on a second… “The iPod touch is the first digital audio player to ship with a full-featured web browser and support for watching YouTube.”
That right there, is complete bull#%$@. Now if they had said that it was “the first digital audio player from Apple”, it would be true.
I’m sorry but the Archos 605 WiFi may not be as innovative but it certainly beat the Touch to release of a PMP with WiFi.

Christbait: Might as well rename this site to iDigg given the abundance of Apple topics, all on one page

ZebraCrew: Goddamn! I consider myself an Apple Fanboy but this will be the fourth iPod Touch article that I’ve buried (and there have been others I left alone). How many reviews of this thing do we need to see? Enough with this shit!

eddielement: If you read carefully enough, the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store..LACKS PODCASTS!

xandifenn: check out seeqpod on the ipod

MonkeyHugger: Good review. The screen problems really are stupid though. Quality control sucks at apple.

fixty: I have to say, I was excited about the Iphone, would have probably bought one if it wasn’t tied to ATT. Then excited about Ipod Touch. Almost ordered one, but the screen issues/crippled features/ no bluetooth/low storage nixed that idea. Now I just wish Apple had never released the Iphone and had instead made a 160GB Ipod Touch with bluetooth and a mic and a VOIP app. I would have paid $599 for that INSTANTLY. Now, dammit, more waiting… I don’t know, maybe Cowon’s D2 will get wifi/voip… can someone please do this right?! DAMMIT APPLE!

happyman987: This is the most well rounded review from any site I’ve read, Ars Technica didn’t get emotional with the device like some other users. If you want to know the truth about the touch, look no further.

miniboss: It really isn’t a “What if the iPod and iPhone had a baby” scenario because the iPod Touch has very little relation to the older iPods. More accurately, this is “What if you cut off your iPhones arms and legs” because the Touch could easily have been much better but Apple marketing decided that forcing the device to be inferior would be in THEIR best interest.


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