The .Mac Stand-Off. 4 things You Could Do Besides .Mac

obeezyMy .Mac account expires in 39 days. That’s 39 days to decide the fate of a 2 year long dependency on a service that while great, has had its share of ups and downs.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

timusca: .Mac is a waste of money, in my opinion… I think most people stay just so they don’t have to change their email address. It doesn’t serve anything that can’t be had somewhere else, and usually for free.

Web Hosting: tons of free places, but you can also buy hosting for a LOT cheaper than .Mac
Syncing/iDisk: – 1GB for free and paid upgrades are available

Am I missing anything? .Mac really is a waste… the only thing it offers that’s good is the seamlessness it offers with OS X. But its worth a few extra clicks to me to save the money.

Note: I’m also a self-professed Apple fanboy.

eridius: The only reason I use .Mac is for the syncing, and that’s the one feature that nobody else has duplicated yet.


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