Apple iPhone To Be in the UK on Nov. 9 on O2!

glbanksitterApple just confirmed the UK launch date and carrier![…] Thanks to glbanksitter for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

MakJak: They should launch their mobile phone early, because festival is near to come. anyways i found a best 3 mobile phone contract deal website. where i found cheap three pay monthly mobile phones.

j1gs4w: Why are they advertising “Unlimited Data”? The O2 CEO at the press conference already said it would contain a fair usage policy! Why can’t they be honest for once?

AccuraCast: I think network locks suck. Mobile phone handsets should be usable across networks, just like all regular TV models can show all regular broadcast channels. Mobile network operators have too much power and hold their cards to close to their chest. Rather anti-competitive in many ways.

parbjohal: The American AT&T tariffs are better.

– At the lower end tariff – more talk minutes
– Free minutes roll over!!
– Unlimited mobile to mobile!

I personally think this is less about the phones ability, and more about the choice of tariff.

I’ve been using a Samsung D900 for a while now, and that has no 3G – and i dont notice that my occasional web searches etc are horrendously slow. I would much prefer to have a device when I’m out in a bar / cafe / friends & family homes where i can jump onto a wifi signal to check my mail etc etc.

Even if I’m doing those ‘slow’ web searches over EDGE – I’ll be happier the experience is at least ‘the full web’ via safari, giving me a much better (albeit slightly slower) mobile web experience.

Also, europeans love to send text messages, most people will use 200 free texts halfway through a new month.

I’ve owned many phones… personally, I cant remember the last time I needed to replace my battery. So I can’t understand peoples need to be constantly removing / replacing the battery. What I have had to do with almost every phone is buy 2nd wall charger! 1 for home / 1 for on the road – Apple could have bucked the trend even further by simply supplying a 2nd charger!!!

I’m holding out on the hope that o2 are holding out on all the tariff information…Right now. the iPhone tariffs look incredibly dated – and I can imagine all those people who might be calling Orange, Vodafone et al to try and escape their contracts in the coming days will be easily retained by those companies by simply telling them ‘we’ll give you more for your money…’

beerbarron: People argue which the best provider is, o2 has been good to me, even as a pay and go customer, they have given me 50 pounds off new phones for the last 4 years, coverage in my area is good, isnt so with orange or vodaphone. As for the product itself, the jesus phone is a status symbol through and through….still want one though. Edge sucks, but like the interview said 3g would drain the battery to much, they could of made the device thicker and included more battery life, but I guess apple wanted a slim device. I think what a lot of people fail to get is that most people dont care about 3g accept for those that know what it is, which is a very small proportion. I know if I had the choice of 3g or wifi and edge I’d go for wi fi and edge.

sspooner: Lot of whiners here today. Probably the same people that predicted the US flop of the iPhone. All my “well off” buddies in the UK are waiting for these with cash in hand. Not only that, but I’m shipping my buddy in Australia an unlocked one this week. The haters just don’t get it.

robmarcer: I was planning on ditching my 60gb ipod video and my Ericsson w880i and getting an iPhone but it’s just too big of a compromise, even if it was free on contract (like almost all phones are in the UK) I’d be unsure due to the long list of missing features (3G, bluetooth modem, decent size memory). The touch isn’t really that much better than my old iPod (for any use I make of it). I can’t see how the iPhone can work in the UK with this price and feature set.

synagence: Think i would also like to wait a while for iPhone to see how the cat and mouse thing progressed …. i know whatever apple throws at iphone hackers will sooner or later circumvent … just like PSP … but i’d like to see this unlocking software survive a couple of firmware updates before i threw down cash on something which could be deactivated at any time


rick2k: why do O2 suck?

They suck becuase for the 1 year i did have a contract with them:
50%+ text messages failed to send or did send but didnt arrive to the other phone untill 6 hours later
Customer service is non existant
Reception drops out all over the place (hey i live 30 mins from london)

It just stinks… Orange, T-Mobile and virgin are the only decent networks in my experiance

DaviDaviDaviD: iPhone in the UK? Why am I not excited. Although I am currently on 02 it’s just the memory, I was really hoping for the 16gb. No 3g which is also disappointing 😦 Looks like I will be getting a touch then!

silviu-lucian: I can’t wait for it to come out in Romania.

I’m such a fanboy, it makes me sick just thinking about it!

IggyPop: That’s great that the UK got the iPhone. We’d like to see it up in Canada too. Apple and Rogers need to get together and make this happen.

BingeBoy: You are all bitches! hack it to another card or shut the F(*&#! up! g3 will be in the next full gen god chill you still got wifi.

finknottle: Ditto on O2 being the worst network. Stick with my e61i thanks.


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