Apple looks out for my best interests. Not.

SillyMammaToday, Apple released iTunes 7.4.2. Apple kindly fixed that small problem where people inadvertently installed custom ringtones on their systems. Thank you, Apple. iTunes, Linux, iPod Touch, iPhone: Welcome to the padded walls and your shiny white straightjacket.[…] Thanks to SillyMamma for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Ecrivaine33: I’m sick of Apple supposedly looking out for me. If I want to take the risk of hacking into the phone, because they cannot produce a product that supports enough features for power users who are Apple product lovers, then so be it. I took that risk a few days ago, and I couldn’t have been happier. Now, my iPhone can BREATHE for god’s sake. Frankly, this is the first time the maker of my favorite products has ever pissed me off and yet delighted me at the same time. Shame on you, Jobs, for not giving us more of what we crave, a beautiful shiny communicable iPod that’s about as useful as a brick were it not for the work of those wonderful programmers, 3rd-party app creators busting their asses and helping us become enlightened.

skyzyx: First of all, it doesn’t matter if Apple is a big corporation or a small company. Business is business. The whole point is to make money.

Secondly, I’m sure you’re all intelligent to know that Apple doesn’t make music. Record companies make music. Record companies say that we have to pay an extra 99 cents for a ringtone, and if Apple wants to sell the record company’s ringtones, then Apple has to comply with a few rules. One of those rules is to prevent people from using free ringtones.

Yes it’s stupid, and yes it’s anti-consumer. But the people who invented “Ringles” are some of the dumbest f**ktards on the planet. Unfortunately, Apple has to work with them if they want the iTunes store to continue having content to sell.

britoca: Fuck Apple

protogenxl: For the record (and I will probably get dugg down for this but.) You can make any mp3 or wma your ring tone on any Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 device right out of the box.

jdillingham: Thanks Apple, I really didn’t want to hear Soldier Boy any more than I already do. At least I know now they had to pay 1.99 to play that shit as a ring tone. Set it to ring and stfu morons, no one wants to hear your bad taste in music.

nbeighley: Dear RIAA,
Please stop fucking over EVERYONE!

Dear Apple,
Please stop kissing the RIAA’s Ass!

Kitsune818: If you don’t like that Apple closes the device… why do you people buy them??

wheresaldo: After spending $599 for the iPhone, 1 Apple+AT&T, the most horrible companies… Stop wasting your time in Digg… do something REAL ABOUT IT… switch to T-Mobile, Verizon, or Spring… in a market driven economy this is how you show to Apple+AT&T that what is doing is wrong.

Pegritz: And yet idiotic Macheads and the stupid populace continue to pour money into iTunes and buy shoddy, but shiny, equipment from Apple as though Steve Jobs himself were personally giving each and every one of them a reacharound as a reward for buying overpriced, locked-down shit. How long will people continue to kiss Jobs’ ass and hang on his every word as though he were some kind of Silicon Jesus when 1) Apple *still* barely holds 10% of the marketshare in personal computing (even if it does clean up in the PMP market); and 2) Apple products aren’t one bit “better” than any other similar devices offered by other companies.

I’m not going to argue that OSX isn’t a kick-ass, stable OS…but my main objection to Apple comes from their reputation of producing world-class *hardware*. Bullshit. Every single person I have EVER known to have owned an iPod, from Generation 1 up to and including the iPhone Light…I mean, iPod Touch, has had to bring their iPods in for massive servicing and/or complete replacement at least three or four times a person. Batteries die. Screens die (or get scratched beyond readability). Hard-drives and even *flash* drives fail routinely. To counter this, I’ve friends who have owned Creative Zen PMPs, no-name PMPs that they’ve bought from Korea via eBay for $25, and, yes, even Microsoft Zunes–supposedly the most maligned player ever–and yet none of them have EVER had trouble with their devices.

Perhaps I’m just surrounded by extremely unlucky Apple fans and extremely lucky non-Apple fans, but in my experience, Apple products (at least their iPods) are right pieces of shit: you get Yugo hardware for Cadillac prices. It’s really surprising that Apple doesn’t sell more Mac computers, because at least *they* seem to have a better record for living up to their hype. I’ve only had the fortune of working on *one* brandnew (as of last year) iMac, and whereas I ran into all manner of networking and printing problems with it, I can at least say that I never had any trouble with the hardware.

RedWolves: I only own a couple of Shuffles, I don’t own a iPhone, I’d like to get a Touch for Christmas, but these constant updates for iTunes is driving me crazy…three in the last two weeks. And what benefit is it to me to install them? None…as far as I can see it’s all about blocking wallpapers on a product I don’t own. As the fanboy in my office always tells me … it’s about the customer experience with Apple…well this experience is starting to suck for me.

NevinW11: am I the only person who loves the iPhone for the iPhone?
people are so concerned about keeping the phone open to third party software that could, in turn, corrupt your phone and ruin your warranty with Apple…all so you can have some free custom ringtones when iPhone ringtones only cost 2.00 as opposed to regular ringtones that cost 2.99 and have an NES emulator on your phone that runs choppy and fragmented..
If you own an iPhone, you can notice all those “blank spots” at the bottom of your iPhone’s dock…Apple is going to release more software for the iPhone..just as they released more ringtones…So, calm down..have some patience..and enjoy the phone you spent so much money on.

Enlightenment: So they drag Microsoft through the legal mess for making Windows into a monopoly. Guess what is going to get hit next…iTunes and iPod….ding ding we have a winner!!!

Gabberwok: You guys realize that Apple cannot legally offer free ringtone creation without getting the crap sued out of them by the RIAA, right? Let’s face it, the RIAA is probably behind everything wrong in the world. We didn’t invade Iraq for oil, we did it to sell them Justin Timberlake cds…

InorganicMatter: Funny how Apple’s only catching a medium amount of flack for bending to the music industry over this ringtone scandal, but you would have thought the world ended when Microsoft bent to the movie industry over AACS requirements being integrated into Vista. Makes you wonder…

naio: Crapple is a shitty compay.


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