Disappearing $100 iPhone Store Credit: The Solution

diskopoWe’ve been getting reports of people’s $100 iPhone gift certificate actually having a balance of $0 when they go to use it. And by reports, we mean myself. It happened to me. But there’s actually a solution![…] Thanks to diskopo for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

caponumen: You crapple fans are worse than crack freaks. But your brilliant exploitation’s never fails to amuse me. That $100 store credit is worth about $10 – tax in the real world…..

toetagger: Open letter to Steve Jobs: What the fuck, dude?

SBeckstrand: u people are all cry babies.

if microsoft was as cool as apple they’d over price
without a second blink too. we just all know microsoft is gay 🙂

Sidzilla: I have to say I’m amazed. Jobs basically screws over every early adopter who buys his crappy phone, drops the price $200 bucks but only gives the whiny fanboys $100 ‘credit’ which will get them about $25 worth of actual merchandise on the over priced Apple store, and then proceeds to screw that up, also. If Microsoft pulled something like this the Gates haters would be rolling out the big guns, but if you dare to besmirch the sterling character of Stevie Jobs, why, you must be a neanderthal. What a bunch of losers. I hate fanboys of both camps, but come on people. You are taking it up the butt from Jobs, and now he is denying you the reacharound.

silentex: I’m always amazed at what people bitch about. You buy an iPhone, Apple gives you $100 for doing so, and then you have the audacity to complain. Grow up.

cjwl: Wasn’t there a fairly recent story about someone who had a $1000+ store credit gift card from a return that became worthless ?
Sounds like Apple’s gift card system is broken, either fundamentally, or prone to theft. avoid.

mikesbaker: here is a solution – STFU about how you paid extra money to be an early adopter (AKA chump) so you could feel better than other people who weren’t stupid enough to pay a 50% mark up.

KenIovino: This is to weed out the dumb and lazy people who don’t want to go through the trouble all over again to get the credit. It’s the same thing when you get a rebate from BestBuy. They know a good percentage of people won’t use it, or go through the trouble; so it saves the company money. You should be happy that their even giving you credit.

Thanks for posting, I didn’t have any trouble personally. I qualified for the price protection, so I got the difference put back on my credit card.




rbond: Direct Link:

Slovenian6474: “…But there’s actually a solution!”

Bitch some more.

pukufek: “Putting aside any complaints about whether or not Apple should have given people that $100 gift certificate”

They shouldnt have.

yomamaisfat: Shoplifting is always an option.

insomniac8400: Apple screw something up, no way!



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