Don’t Forget the Mac: The two million Mac quarter

obeezyAnalysts predict a record quarter for Mac sales, meanwhile a featured article in the NY Times says Apple could do better.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

esquire360: okay here I go,

I bought a “Mac Pro” workstation after selling my persecion tower from dell(2 years ago). all PC b4 this, i seriously have NEVER looked back. Buy AAPL stock now. If you watch their refeb selection it gets cleared quick like. Macs are raging to me but i’m just

Chuck B

zoziw: I own two macs and they are nice computers, however, I prefer Vista and it’s new interface.

While I have little doubt some people have experienced some problems with Vista, it has worked flawlessly for me since release day.

coolbru: Maybe you should buy some Apple shares, then at least you can have them make you rich while you’re hating them.

cooties: My hatred for Apple grows by the day. I hate the smug Steve BJobs and the stupid, annoying smug commercials and the smug actors in those commercials especially that annoying kid. I’m glad the creature skinned him in Jeepers Creepers. Every time that gay tune for the iPod video comes on, I want to smash someone’s iPod.

beerbarron: I think this is a result of people seeing how good the operating system is, and the promise of several games companies signing on with apple to release games on both systems, application wise mac’s are stronger than ever and a lot more stable than they used to be. Also the growth of apple stores internationally has helped this for sure, when I walked into the southampton branch, there were so many kids just playing around on them, and the store staff encourage this! Which is great! Also when people now buy iPods, a good number of people will see other apple products and go oooh, thats not to bad! What I would be interested in seeing, is the ratio of male to female mac users, and age range

aliguana: they’re missing the “release a boxed generic OSX” for the 2000 million Mac quarter. Yeah, I know, Dugg down…

bigthink: Uh… HP sells close to 2 million notebook pc’s in a single month…quite profitably as well. They’re way, way outgrowing the market, and easily outpacing the Apple growth reported in this article.
HP’s 3Q ’07 press release:
Quote from that press release:
“Personal Systems Group (PSG) revenue grew 29% year over year to $8.9 billion, with unit shipments up 33% on a year-over-year basis. These results bring PSG’s year-to-date revenue growth to nearly $5 billion. Notebook revenue grew 54% over the prior-year period, while desktop revenue grew 12%. Commercial client revenue grew 19% year-over-year, while Consumer client revenue increased 46%. Operating profit was $519 million, or 5.8% of revenue, up from $275 million, or 4.0% of revenue, in the prior-year period.”

A quote from the article:
“Apple has never been interested in selling the cheapest PC—just ask Dell how that’s working out—”
Dell’s having great difficulties because the bottom has fallen out of their direct model, and they’re not geared for an easy transition to retail. The mainstream, retail market is kicking butt for HP…no doubt about it. So…ask HP how that’s working out…the answer would be: “Just freaking great actually…we’re rakin’ cash hand over fist, thanks for askin’…”

Bottom line… 2 million MACs in a quarter? Yawn, whatever. The only reason this is front page Digg news is because it’s Apple related.

inkswamp: As great as their sales look, I have to wonder how much better it would be if Apple would finally just fill in one of the most glaring gaps in their product line-up: the low-end tower. It feels like there’s something really obvious missing there between the iMac and the considerably more costly Mac Pro. I know lots of people who dislike the all-in-one concept but also don’t want to spend $2400 for a computer (and that doesn’t even include the display.) Seems there’s an unserved range of customers there, and I wonder why Apple doesn’t acknowledge that.

Gee1004: I totally LOVE Macs….Gives me a hard-on FAP FAP

SyberMile: Me personally im sick of ms vista ect… im switching to all mac

Goobernutz: i saw the words “mac” and “quarter” and instantly thought it was a mcdonalds article.

/now i’m hungry!

park390: This comment written on a HP Pavilion dv2315 running Mac OS X. It’s a great quarter for Hackintosh.

totorototoro: 5 Year:
1 Year:
6 Months:
1 week:

Do better?

diagonalfish: How could Digg ever let us forget the Mac?

uptown: This editorial cites a statistic mentioning that despite an increase in Mac sales, on a percentage basis, they remain at 3% penetration … meaning that while more computers have been sold, the percentage of those computers that are Macs has remained the same. This editorial then goes on to dismiss this statistic as “garbage” without actually explaining why it’s “garbage”. Not exactly the most convincing argument….


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