HOW TO: Fix a broken iPhone glass screen for $5.

EpicSAWith so many people breaking their iPhone screens. It is a good time for a guide to show us all how to fix it without spending an additional $250. All you need is a couple hours and $5.[…] Thanks to EpicSA for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

shoook: Here’s a link if you’re work or school blocks somethingawful;

shoook: Could I get a mirror? It looks like my university blocks this site.

TheUberDork: why does the author of this article sound so much like the author of that damn “essay written while high” article that has been floating around the internet for the past few years (and recently made it onto the first page of top stories in the past 24 hours)?

also there only seem to be 4 steps.

but it only takes one to avoid cracking your screen: don’t put your god damn keys or change in the same pocket as your phone. I’ve personally seen iPhones dropped from higher than 5 feet, land right on the screen and not seen any damage to the screen itself. There was also a podcast done by systm demonstrating how resilient the phone is. I’m calling bullshit too. Just another sucker trying to get traffic on his forum. buried as lame.

Takuro: He didn’t exactly take a very clear picture of the finished project. I’m sure if he did, you’d see how crappy it looks.

Coloring the plastic with a Sharpee??? Ugh. You might as well rip off the entire LCD panel and draw a home screen in crayon.

Mapper99: Ugly all right!

Here are some more fun iPhone stories and hacks:

BingeBoy: Tell Kevin to do this.

Treoinmypocket: I have owned a Treo 650 for two years. It has a glass screen. Right after I got it I bought some plastic grippy applique’s for the side and back because the thing slipped out of my hand 3X in the 1st 10 minutes. There was an included screen applique (held on by static not glue) that has prevented any scratches.

I am sure you can get these for the iPhone as well – I would highly recommend the screen applique.

nugx: Yes, I am sure that piece of glass on your expensive ass phone just ‘broke’ randomly in your pocket during class. Were you in Opera class? Did she hit the ‘High F’? Or maybe it was the brown note because it smells like youre fulla shit…

dasdef: id be more concerned with the shards of glass 2mm from my penis head.

Mikey9oo: This is so stupid. I have had an iphone since launch day and the screen is beyond resilient. This guy is obviously a dick. “I pulled this out of my pocket after class,” YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. It just casually broke? He must have done something very stupid.

This is not a known issue, and his repair looks awful.

swook: My iPhone strike me as rather robust. The Anodized aluminum is hardy and the glass seems tough. In the past week I fell off of my bike while making a call (stupid, I know) and tonight it vibrated off of my amp onto a concrete floor during rehearsal. No probs. It is actually more scratch resistant than my 5G iPod, and due to it’s lack of moving parts, sturdier than the Sony w810 it replaced.

Seriously, it only has the APPEARANCE of fragility, a product of elegant design, I suppose.

rhett: goo-gone, razor blades, glass, dremel tool… he’s assuming the reader has all of these things already. What exactly did he spend $5 on? That stuff would cost me more than $5.

R75700: If i’m going to spend 500 or more on an Iphone, not only am I not going to break or let a single scratch find its way onto the screen…i’m 100% for sure not going to replace it with plastic and color it with a marker.

its an iphone not my second grade science project.

And PS replacing it takes 5 minutes…hours of cutting glass off the outside well exceeds five minutes hahah

How to fix iphone screen in 2 hours and 5 minutes

Dhalgren: Could this look any shittier?

crossmr: “With so many people breaking their iPhone screens.”…
yeah I know what you mean, just this morning I saw a bunch of people just wailing on theirs with a hammer. like 20-30, just crossing the street to the train…

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