iPhone v1.1.1 Feature Breakdown (8 and counting)

batmantEngadget got their hands on v1.1.1 iPhones at Apple’s London event this morning. I thought I would breakdown the 8 new features I have gathered from examining there photos.[…] Thanks to batmant for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

12340987: no a2dp?

mrblaack: until they add voice dialing i’m not interested.

thesutex: carrier menu doesnt mean anything.. just that you can select which operator to roam on when abroad.. nothing more.. its still locked down.. this is a feature on every locked down phone from any manufacturer..

ohsnapitsbrown: “Network setup with VPN support”

It already has this.. I hope that this means it’s being updated. I (along with many, many other people) have been waiting for Cisco VPN support. Anyone know?

GhostFreeman: This might seem silly, but Semacode support would be nice.

giddytonk: I sure wish Notes would sync…or maybe I don’t know how? I have some great notes on my iPhone, but I don’t have a way to email, sync, or print the notes. Seems like it would not be too hard to sync to Stickies or simple text files on a PC/Mac.

batmant: I would like to see stability added to Safari. Anyone else get a minimum two crashes a day?

go5go: Version one needs some improvements.. Lots of things would be useful..
A quick fix to the sms/mms thing would actually be on the carrier side. When I receive an MMS photo it tells me to go to some website and put in all this crap. Make it so I can just tap it to open safari and have the login and password inputted for me.. That would be the easiest quick fix.
To send, you can always email directly to your friends phone using their carrier’s mms email. Not a huge deal.
Multiple SMS can be sent, but you have to type in the numbers manually.
An Email Accounts “Home” Button to go back to the main account selection screen.. That is my biggest pain for switching between email account views.

mateo60: More importantly for me, from that article I just learned that I can double tap the space and get a period with a space on my Blackberry. I did NOT know that and I’m nerdily exited now.

celeronxl: Why are they right-aligning the iTunes icon? That looks terrible.

Original pictures of the iPhone lacking the YouTube icon demonstrated left-alignment. Why the change?

ggore: Everyone keeps bitching about not having a 3G iPhone, and Jobs said yesterday they would have one in a year or so, but where would you use the thing??? 3G is only available in a very few places in the U.S.

BobOki: I would like to see MUCH better integration with exchange, such as syncing contacts, calendars, etcetc over the internet (like activesync).
I would like a way to switch applications without closing them.
Copy/paste would be grand.
Have control over the bluetooth profile (for a2dp) would be totally awesome, and I am shocked it is not working already. I would LOVE to listen to music over my bluetooth.
I would like to record video.
I would like to send sms and MMS to multiple recipients.

vvaduva: When will they make the e-mail reader app better? I don’t need new calculator icons…I need better functionality! Improve e-mail clients, add some sort of wireless syncing option so I don’t have to haul usb cables with me everywhere and for crying out loud, add some voice dialing support!!

emt1451: Arghhh what are you waiting for Apple? RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!

lifeinanalog: and there goes the 3rd party application support.


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