Jobs confirms 3G iPhone for 2008

digitalgopherApple promises 3G iPhone for 2008 and you can expect a 3G iPhone later next year…[…] Thanks to digitalgopher for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

jhnshft: I think its shocking how many people are surprised by this. I mean come on we know this is how Apple rolls. They are like technology drug dealers. With that said, my Verizon contract runs out in May.

redfuzzycow: ahh thank you massa jobs, thank you ::bows repeatedly::

skyzyx: Inaccurate. He never says “3G by 2008”, but rather that “3G + Battery = Sucks.”

corsa: Here is a video of Steve Jobs answering the 3G question at the UK event. You watch this and hear EXACTLY what he says about the 3G iPhone.

(spoiler: he says he hopes the 3G chipsets with acceptable power consumption will be available “late next year”)

tony.pitale: Buried for inaccurate and spam. Pocketlint just quoted the lines from the presentation that anyone could have read on Engadget:

On top of that, I don’t see where he said that 3G is coming next year. I see where he says “we’re working on the next one and the next one” but, anyone could have guessed that Apple would not have been resting on their laurels. Of course they’re working on the next one.

blogger123: I want it to be 3g sooo badly, cause where I live we have blanket 3g coverage, its _everywhere_ and even if I imported an iPhone, I wouldn’t get high speed browsing, so the fact that Mad-Dog has confirmed it is very reassuring

roberto_deneero: And in other news….Microsoft is hiring additional programmers to push Windows 98 SP37 out the door by year end.

norm78: In other news the 3G iPhone has been unlocked!!!!

xthroughmyeyesx: Wow, are you serious? I JUST ordered an iPhone two days ago and this announcement comes out… amazing. I’m going to personally fight Steve Jobs.

mavedatthews85: Whoopty-shit. They should be confirming 30 and 60 gig iPhones for me to care.

macpro2006: ERRR!! I just got my iPhone. Why! I don’t have the money to buy the new one!

beerbarron: Whoever said battery life was less important than having 3G is a fool, can you imagine being in a phone conversation with a client and boom the battery goes, because you only have 2 hours worth of battery? No thanks…

ozziek: Cool. This means by about 2012 we *should* get an iPhone that has 3G, GPS, MMS, 3rd party app support, development API and a 3 megapixel camera with video calling. Sweet – I’ll be able to blog about how retro it is on my Nokia thought controlled 5G implant phone 😉

blacklilyninja: cell data service in canada is ungodly expensive. apple needs to make the carrier comply to a unlimited data plan. I hope its telus but i fear it will be rogers.

bawpcwpn: Just to save time and cut out the repeated comments such as “Bring the iPhone to Canada”, why don’t we just say, “Bring the iPhone to the rest of the world!”


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