Live from Apple’s “Mum is no longer the word” event in London

Otto-MateEngadget’s live coverage of the UK iPhone launch…[…] Thanks to Otto-Mate for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

rydadi: FEEL FREE TO WATCH NEW MOVIES watch free new movies like spiderman III
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joker3001: If your walking around the UK with an IPhone, everyone will know you got bent over for it!!!

Lueng: ok,It’ already here in China ,we had reinvented iphone into several versions ,such as M8,icrazy and ilove.And is pretty cheap and poisoned

beerbarron: Digg me down all you like, weather you think its fair or not. All your bitching isnt going to change the fact it will sell. its not just apple fan boys that will buy it, techies will want their mitts on it. I would be interested to see if this can tie into exchange server, and if it will support google apps, if both of these are a yes, then I can see this as a perfect little tool for my needs

elai: Do you get unlimited data with your other plans in the UK? Thats probably where the price difference is comming in

Mushirooms: by Pooley 6 hours ago
So, let me just get this clear:
1) I’ve got to pay the £269 ($535) for my UK iPhone
2) I’ve got to change providers
3) I’ve got to pay a higher monthly tarrif than I do now…
4) … and for that I get a lower connection speed
5) I’ve got to sign a contract for 18 months
6) Total cost of ownership for my iPhone is £900 in the next 18 months
7) No MMS
8) No 3G/HSPDA (although you’ve probably covered that in 4)
9) You probably can’t accept any files, images or ANYTHING else from anyone wanting to legitimately blue-tooth you something
10) You can’t install 3rd party apps without hacking (and possibly bricking it)

AND youve got to be 18 to get the contract in the first place? THIS IS INSANE. I love Apple, even tho those ‘Genius’ couldnt figure out tht my battery had died and had to run a test for 18 days. YES 18 DAYS! And my ipod has lasted 2 years without nothing going wrong, bt £900 for 18 months on up to £1260, its insanity to even consider buying this if your a regular consumer. They’ve signed their own death warrant, no one is going to buy into this unless theyve won the lottery.

Thanks Apple

explodingtree: Mum is no longer the word. I must say, in regards to this article, everybody’s heard about the bird, bird is the word.

bobbilljoe: There are much better phones than the iphone (especially in europe)

this is a big waste of money

samste: Now i’m certain to get a touch instead of an iPhone

aduzik: I’m so jealous that British customers are getting free WiFi access, too. AT&T has some sort of lame-ass WiFi service in the US, don’t they? Granted, the O2 tariffs start at least $10 more than the US rate plans and for fewer minutes, too.

Christbait: This iPhone nonsense is going to completely flop in this country.

What a load of crap, £269 and a £35+ monthly fee for nothing more than a nice looking phone that is extremely limited in features? Sort it out, and take note: Just because we’re not American doesn’t mean we’re absolutely blind & naive Apple-loving lemmings who go crazy at the mention of a new product.

I’m really starting to dislike this corporation more and more.

Jonny0stars: There joking right ?

lysdexia: I think at that price and for that wonderfully generous contract, the whyphone will be a rip-roaring success for A££le Corp. I predict they will grab 0.00000001% of the UK market in the first year of launch.

What a bunch of merchant bankers…

CharlesDance: i’m going to steal one then unlock it

cygnus2112: I’ll wait on getting an iPhone until I’m able to hack one to insert a user-friendly touch button that instantly kills other iPhone users and records their death screams so I can play them over and over.


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