Apple’s fight against iPhone unlocks may result in expensive bricks

FameMoneyApple’s Steve Jobs said yesterday that the company would actively work against those who perform a SIM unlock on their iPhones. This isn’t surprising news, but we believe that the consequences for unlockers could be pretty high.[…] Thanks to FameMoney for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

across04: I believe Apple will make revisions to the hardware of new Iphones to render the current unlocking unusable.
They will leave the existing Iphones that have been unlocked alone. This way they can avoid the bad pr.
Then the hackers will have to try something else on the newer models.
Then it will once again be buyer beware.

twitrock: maybe they will give another gift card if they brick urs 🙂 keep complaining!

mattakacas: After reading this story i am convinced that Apple, as a corporation, is extremely hypocritical. I dont know if any of you have seen these or not, but there are a series of Apple TV commercials that portay windows software as being extremely vulnerable to intrusion. Now look at how vulnerable their products are, the iPhone got hack by a teenager! Maybe the reason Apple PC’s arent hacked as much as IBM’s is because they ain’t worth hacking into 😉

bworp: Of course Steve is going to fight the unlocks – ATT is paying him a cut of all ongoing data charges. That’s probably why they dropped the price of the iPhone. They saw the huge checks coming in from ATT and realized the real money is to be made from the data plans, not the initial sale. Check out this digg – the revenue share on the data plan was confirmed by ATT:

shampoovta: That sucks, I feel your pain. Hang in there Iphone.

Your friend PSP.

1CHAMONIX: This is rediculous If you can Hack your iPhone you should know that you are at risk of damaging it. You should also know what you are doing so odds are you won’t screw it up. Even if this new software can kill your Moded iPhone it will probrably decrease the sales. Maybe not by alot but apple could feel some loss.

pw1388: I think the only way apple can stop the unlock iphone is do a itunes update that will search up your phone number on the at&t database and if your number is not in the database itunes wont work with that iphone or if itunes finds that any moding to the software it will not sync with itunes. or a firmware update is the most easist way. the iphone will become the new psp. its just going to be new firmware 1 week later hacked then 2 weeks later another update and 1 week later hacked its never going to stop. BUT SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THE DAMN BLUETOOTH 2.0 A2DP WORK!!!!

DestroyFascism: Man buys car…rebuilds engine to custom specs adds sound system and body kit, enjoys and loves car….
Man buys iPhone rebuilds engine to custom specs adds sound system and body kit, enjoys and loves iPhone….Apple respond and smash his new engine, body kit and sound system to bits and destroy underlying structure rendering it useless…

Get the picture?

synagence: This can’t work in France …. i’m pretty sure its against french law to lock a phone to a network …. either that or it is legally allowable to unlock

thorspower: To my knowledge would they not have to change the law first that says unlocking your phone is legal. Last I checked its perfectly legal. If Apple is smart they do not decide to take this anywhere, cause it seems to me any one even with a a mediocre lawyer could take Apple for a run for their money and I mean seriously a run for their money. You can not stop someone from doing something legal just because it pisses you off. Watch for backlash on Apple that they have never had to deal with.

12340987: “Although Apple has less to lose by customers unlocking the device than AT&T, the company is bound by its contract to AT&T to do what it can to ensure that customers use the designated carrier.”

Is that legal considering antitrust issues and the fact that SIM unlocking has been made perfectly lawful? I mean, isn’t it illegal to not allow someone to unlock their phone?

livevil: Ahahahah! Apple fanboys, welcome to reality. Don’t digg the comments down because your in denial!

sspooner: Apple will not brick a device purposely, it’s not their modus operandi. Also, apple will never walk from a sale. An unlock solution that is viable is increasing their sales, they have no reason to shut that down. No other cellphone vendor “bricks” a device either. I think the conclusions of the article are poorly thought out.

toetagger: What next? Is apple going to tie their computers to certain ISPs? Why not? What’s the difference?
“If you want your computer to have all of its functionality, you must activate it with at&t DSL”. That’s what they’re doing with the damn phone. I wish consumers would just boycott it till they free it up.

phphreak: Apple has every right to protect their phones from hacking. They can roll out “security updates” can’t they? hint hint….


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