BBC Calls for EU Antitrust Action Against Apple

spaceramblingsThe recent launch of the new range of iPods, including the video Nano and the iPod Touch, has shown just how far Apple is willing to go to make life difficult for its users in order to shore up its dominant position in the market for music players and downloads.[…] Thanks to spaceramblings for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

paulsmith288: Im never going to buy anything apple again. My ipod is crap, after 11months solid use the battery holds a charge for about 20mins.

lavchan: Buried for lameness.

1. Apple switching up their iPod database format and creating a security measure for hardware accessories does not, in even the most VAGUE definition of the term, constitute a ‘trust’.

2. If you don’t like the restrictions Apple puts on its products, DON’T FUCKING BUY THEM YOU RETARDS. Christ. If i didn’t like a feature (or non-feature) in a particular MP3 player on the market, i would just, you know, maybe GET A DIFFERENT ONE. It’s not like you are being forced to buy iPods at gun-point.

It’s almost unreal that anyone does business in Europe at all. If i were Apple or Microsoft or whoever i would just be like, ‘aight buds, takin my toys home then, cya!’

Timbobean: This is pretty poor isn’t it. If I buy a device, I want to use it how I want to, not how some corporation thinks I should. Apple is cool but tthings likethis will put it in the “Redmond” bracket.

bigBadOwl: I agree. With all of the recent changes to the Apple products and Apple’s efforts to lock people in I am not surprised that there is a rising backlash from the their former customers. I for one am not impressed. When I buy something it belongs to ME Apple. I will change it as I wish.

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