How Much Money Is There In the “Mac News” Game?

sepultura[…] the granddaddy of all Mac sites is the Unoffical Apple Weblog (TUAW), with an approximate value of $23,534,026. It seems that reporting on Apple can potentially generate more money than Apple itself! (Hopefully this news doesn’t start contributors to those sites demanding raises, if not company jets).[…] Thanks to sepultura for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

KrazyA1pha: It looks like we broke it.
Here’s a better website valuation tool:

blinkgreen: sweet. mine is worth $99

thought it’s probably worth so much less than that

arctic: your site is valued at: $112

tymekpavel: I could write a program that just generates a random number between 1 and a billion and call it an “appraisal.”

seanseason: This valuation calculation is ridiculous.

JohnnyRad: Woo hoo!! According to CyberWire, a site i run is worth $85…where do i cash in?!

HypocriteDigg: No Shit. Why do you think anti-Apple zealot blogs like Gizmodo and Engadget keep posting about Apple even though all they do is bitch and whine about them? Because it attracts the anti-Apple zealot geeks.

toetagger: It’s not always inaccurate, I ran and it came back with .02 cents.

wattznext: Theres another popular site dedicated almost completely to apple news and rumors. Its called

kkiran: Yeah, true! I started as a Windows Mobile Reporter (jus passion, no real commercial interests and never recieved a check from Google)!! I am an early iPhone adopter and got 2 checks worth $100 each… It still remains a passion for a student like me with a hint of mint!!

OMGWTFROFLMAOx2: fanboys are big business

ATWF: Nice one.

gothicform: Dugg down. My own site was valued by that stupid site at being worth $126 us. It makes more than that every single day off about 40,000 page views.

will_hall: I would say the algorithm is working just fine. After all, gives itself a whopping value of $112.

sfacets: Maybe if the games frikken’ supported Macbooks.


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