How To: Activate the Voicemail Button in Non-AT&T Unlocked iPhones

Kay0s24you have successfully unlocked your iPhone, you may have discovered already that the voicemail button doesn’t do anything at all. It won’t be visual, but you can easily get the voicemail button to work using any carrier following this steps:[…] Thanks to Kay0s24 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

tilezzzzz: This info appears to have been taken of the website now.
Can anyone please post up the steps in the comments on digg?


BlueStarr: Nah…I actually like this bit of info. If it works with T-Mobile, I’m getting an iPhone. Ah who am I kidding….I’ll get one anyways.

erzz: bury me

seek205: I think it might because it is in your carrier list on the iPhone. If the service is not in the carrier list then it does nothing. Just a guess tho…

brutalentropy: I wonder if you could make it open a webpage to your account? Visual voicemail without needing AT&T

benjaminooo: when i press the voicemail button it just dials my voicemail.. i don’t have to enter any info or anything unless i’m roaming then I have to press star and my password.

alobos: It doesn’t work in Telefonica Movistar and all systems that need to dial an asterisk before the number. Sometimes getting the international phone number for voicemail doesn’t work (there’s a recording telling you the number is restricted) so no go, just dial the darn numbers with the keypad.

codehkr: yet… another iphone related post…

Mapper99: Here are a whole bunch more iPhone hacks, ringtones, wallpapers and news:

Wang: I must be missing something….I unlocked my iphone to t-mobile, and my voicemail button has always worked fine…no need for this code. Does this “issue” only affect certain simms?

Flare: In Soviet Russia, voicemail activates you!

SirZRX: bleh it just says “unknow Application”

idean360: Mine worked automatically after I unlocked it…On Rogers Canada.

rexdot: pshh voicemail. uhh you have an iphone. send me an email…map directions…foreward me your webpage….voicemail…what is this voicemail

sweintraub: Apple needs to give up on this locking BS. All of these apps are WAY better than whatever 1.1.1 has. F the mobile music store!


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