iPhone GPS Hack Tested and it Works!

BLAM8Whoa, the iPhone just got assisted GPS. This AM, the Navizon GPS app showed up in Installer.app. After creating a username and login (get this: email NOT required), the free app started up, taking about 30 seconds to find my location by triangulation, and then pushing my location to the official Apple Map application for driving directions. Crazy.[…] Thanks to BLAM8 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

andy2na: the new software update found my location within 2 seconds!

pathogenal: uses ip geolocating nothing more. Is gay and has a limited database

jgarland79: I had GPS working on my iPhone 2 months ago with a real GPS. 🙂
http://jgarland79.blogspot.com/2007/07/use-gps-wit …

tokahi: @Mehan “you can’t call it GPS if it does not use GPS satellites.”

Sure you can..in our example GPS stands for “Ghettofied Positioning System”

johnnybluejeans: Not only can it not find me, it crashes my iPhone every time, requiring a hard reset.

boyced: why do these apps not show up in my installer.app? do i need to add ‘sources’? I have nullriver software as a source.

dognose: Nice try, but it was 20 miles off for me.

krete: Crashed my iphone. gg

tomis: This isn’t GPS, buried as inaccurate sensationalism.

lianos: Uhh …. I was really psyched to try this out, but it says I’m right on the N.E. corner of Yosemite National Park (which is in California), and I’m currently right by Harlem (which is New York City).

xxrealmsxx: Screw the iPhone I have wanted this for my Blackberry pearl for ages

ChristianBk: THIS IS NOT FREE. It’s free for the first 15 days… then you’re required to pay $25 or so dollars.

sunroom: I just tried it out and it was accurate within about 10 feet!

Of course, I’m on the Indiana University campus and there is a wireless access point every block.

funkytaco: It’s about 4 miles off. No wonder my cell reception here is terrible…

livejamie: Also availible for Windows XP, Windows Vista, OS X, Windows Mobile, Blackberries, Symbian S60s, UIQs and Any phone that supports Java (A good majority of them) — but then again nobody would have dugg an article that didn’t mention the iPhone would they?


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