Jobs: “It’s our job to stop them breaking in”

obeezy“We try to stay ahead. People will try to break in, and it’s our job to stop them breaking in.”[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

cdtoad: Look Apple 2 turns 30 some time this year and lets face it… the first game on that thing was “Little Brick Out” a game Steve Wozniak wrote for Atari & then rewrote for the Apple. Two seconds after it was released it was copied, pirated cloned bootlegged etc. People then put software protection on the games & software. Then people cracked that protection. It’s ALWAYS BEEN a cat & mouse game! Happy 30th Apple 2+ 48k 😛

SmartITGuy: You morons keep buying their shit, and keep bending over to take their corporate control-all crap. All this does is encourage them to keep on their current path of total screw-the-customer-out-of-every-cent monopoly.
Kick them in their retarded monopolistic industrial nuts by buying only the knockoffs and clones for half the cost, hack those instead because their manufacturers are just happy to sell you something.
Maybe, just maybe if Jobs has one properly working neuron in his tiny little brain he will take the hint.

…Nah, instead you will keep buying their shit, digg me down, and keep on complaining, but still remain the sheep.

digitallysick: Wow if he is serious he can keep his damn iphone, id rather have the freedom to use the phone i pay for with the carrier of my choice.

antdude: … for the direct link.

3szoom: There are some countries in Europe where it is illegal for a company to sell a locked phone because it is monopolistic……Imagine that

mcnearcj: A friend told me about this today. I laughed at him… because he’s really worried that his phone will be bricked (he’s using tmobile) I told him if they really do brick your phone you can at least jump in on the class action suit that will promptly follow.

selfdisplaced: i think apple’s main concern here is people selling the unlock. they are profiting off the coattails of ATT and Apple. i honestly don’t think it’s going to be apples intention to constantly watch this. they may release one update that breaks current unlocking, but after someone figures that out (and it will happen, rather quickly my guess), but that will be the end of them trying to stay ahead. i mean at least they tried, right?

rheaume: Haha wtf this comments section is like the twilight zone, am I reading endless anti-apple posts here or just dreaming?

jabberwolf: This has ALWAYS been Steve Jobs way.
Control control control.
And if you dont like it, then something is wrong with you because all the other cult members love me!!!

SirZRX: who cares?… it will get unlocked again and 3rd party applications will be developed and a special firmware will be releaser, anyways, i bought the phone at the apple store , i didn’t sing any contract or any agreement, is my phone, i paid for it, and i can whatever the fuck i want with it!. Now that we know that chipset in the iPhone supports A2DP bluetooth profiles, TV-OUT and the kernel it self support disk mode, dude i would kill for an iPhone SDK…. hell its about time.

nzezelj89: Apple = teh_gay with not allowing hackers to unlock a perfectly good phone, sure they have every right to stop them, but this is also a free market, meaning, if i feel lk using it on T-Mobile, i should be able to use it on t-mobile, like any other phone, and any international travelers, i might need to leave the country and use their network over seas, if Apple is that plain mean to not allow that, then how can they expect me to give them money for a phone locked only in the US and to a terrible monopoly like AT&T

MedHead: It would be really nice if these attempts by Apple didn’t come in the form of updates to iTunes. I don’t own an iPhone, yet I keep getting updates to iTunes to address the silly thing.

SONY does the same thing with the PSP. It releases a firmware update to address a custom firmware hack, and then requires any new games to use the updated firmware. I have to update to play new games, yet the updates rarely do anything but address the custom firmware. It’s not that much fun being collateral damage.

austin63: Well thank you captain cockface!

zachshmack: I still can’t believe Apple is *still* being so protective of their hardware after all these years. Did they never figure out that’s why they lost the OS battle long ago? They may have had some recent revitalization, but Apple’s going to plummet again if they’re not careful.

Go ahead, digg me down, Apple fanboys.

themoosejuice: JOBS: It’s our job to stop them breaking in
YOU: Stop who? Its legal to unlock phones now, the law was passed by congress
JOBS: F*** congress, what do they know, I’ll do whatever I want.


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