Mac OS X Version of OpenOffice Slated for Next September

msaleemAqua developer porting force is (back) on the case.[…] Thanks to msaleem for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

penguincentral: Yeah, but NeoOffice isn’t updated symmetrically to OpenOffice X11. A combination of NeoOffice’s nativeness on the mac and updates to the same schedule as OpenOffice is a good thing.

tyrione: Yes for Mac OS X is going Cocoa. And to the Java/Cocoa Bridge : it’s deprecated and will be removed by Apple in future dev updates. writing Cocoa Interfaces will be able to leverage CoreAudio, CoreData, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, etc.

supermanred: There are free open-source office apps already working on OS X.

Besides, iWork is cheap and works great with office files, and Microsoft Office student edition for Mac is pretty inexpensive as well.

Zanneth: Great, now I have to wait a year for a less powerful word processor. There are plenty of free alternatives for the Mac that are far better than OpenOffice.

jabberwolf: Wow, things for apple being doled out well over a year after all the stuff comes out for the PC.
How innovative and NEW?!?
“BOOM”… sucks to be a Mac owner!

phytonix: Poor support for Mac.
No wonder why OOo cannot have any success. Next september? We probably have iWork 09 and Office 2007 by then, both will be better than “aqua” OOo for sure.

biter: NeoOffice is a garbage and doesn’t wok on my Macbook Pro due to Java issues. I’m hoping this one will work.

sruffelman: Will it be Cocoa?

toetagger: Hell, I’ll steal Office long before that.

TommyH: I’ll believe it when I see it.

DOGPARTY: who cares about shitty inconsistent interface programs that are shit.

iWork kicks the shit out of this ugly badly designed crap

kmedlin: I cannot fathom how OpenOffice is going to compete with the very reasonably priced and outstanding iWork ’08. I’ve been using it since the beta came out and I cringe at using Office 2003 at work now. iWork ’08 is truly the gold standard in my eyes for office suites both in it’s price $79 bucks and in the functionality it provides. I was a NeoOffice guy prior to iWork ’08, so I have actually used all the tools in the suite. That said, there is no comparison between the two in terms of speed, functionality, and ease of use.

Eriksjon: I use NeoOffice, and It works great.. I like it very much.. I welcome OpenOffice, but I think they should work together with NeoOffice..

ilgaz: Last time I checked the horrible lagging openoffice site (Sun?!), Mac version, the X11 one wasn’t updated to 2.3 while it existed on every OS out there.
X11 is not “emulation” or something, Mac OS X is also UNIX, the X11 is there even with Colorsync support. Give it a reasonable X11/BSD binary, it will run.
What is the explanation of not releasing 2.3 version same time and not helping those Fink/Macports people to keep up to date? “If you hate us, we hate you too” thing? Well, these people can afford $400 MS Office for years and Apple released complete office package for a funny price.
Don’t start a cold war with Apple users please. Mac office is just taking off…

counsel: mnemonic states NeoOffice has been out for a while. Note that NeoOffice is, according to their web-site, “a reasonably stable version of the office suite that has been engineered to run natively on Mac OS X.”

So, Oo has actually been out for OS/X for a while… I have used it for 3 months now since getting my first Mac. Works great…


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