NBC who? FOX, CBS show iTunes support with Free New Fall Season Shows

CLIFFosakaJAPANNBC may have decided it can launch its new Fall seasons without the help of the iTunes store, but it appears the other networks are lining up for some free publicity. This week no fewer than 3 high-profile shows are offering their season premieres on iTunes for free.[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

tomato3017: Until they start giving away 720p content, I will continue to use bittorrent. Don’t want me to use bittorrent? Give me a reason other then “laws” which are mean’t to be broken

HumanRecall: cbs and fox sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ariza: I was just in a BLOCKBUSTER over the weekend and noticed that NBC was offering their Fall lineup episodes as a free DVD rentals –
HAHA what a step backwards – wonder how much all those DVDs cost to print – not to mention the waste created

cherish592: f u, nbc

DonCarcharo: I’m an iPhone toting Mac guy so I’m fairly partial to iTunes. However as much as I wanted to like Apple TV, I just couldn’t convince myself to buy it so I went and built myself a Windows Vista Media Center. Now I’ve got OTA HD, no cable bill and Blockbuster fills in the gaps. It’s a wonderful solution, all for under $400. The problem is I can’t get CBS and for some unknown reason I like Survivor. I know, I know.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and tried this Amazon Unbox thing. My first impressions? The software and stand-alone player are lousy and none of it works on a Mac. On top of all this, it looks like season passes are going to be priced higher than iTunes as well. That said the website itself was easy enough to use and the solution as a whole does integrate with Windows Media Center quite nicely. I was able to browse Amazon’s site, add stuff to my “media library” from my MacBook and my media center happily downloaded everything for me remotely and was ready to roll.

I picked up the pilot of NBC’s JourneyMan since it was free. It was pretty enjoyable and I’ll likely tune in for future episodes. The download weighed in at a hefty 800mb and the picture quality was decent on my 37″ LCD TV. All things considered, if you’re one of 0.5% of the population that uses a Media Center in your living room, this really isn’t a terrible solution for the odd TV episode you might have missed or the ones you can’t get at all.

zman8479: I don’t quite get it. One min NBC is bitching about wanting to charge $3.99 at iTunes and now is giving it away for free. Eh?

gandhii: iTunes what?

Phoenixus: I wish Fox would give out House for free 😦

Kdurrty: Um…torrents?

GuinnessGoblin: NBC still has some great show (i.e. The Office) no matter if the lawyers are assholes or not.

eliah: The CW’s Gossip Girl is also available free in iTunes: http://urltea.com/1j67?itunes-link

supermanred: Im buying one of each of the second episodes as a FUCK YOU to NBC.

archer75: Buying anything with DRM in it is stupid.

rheaume: I dont really care… itunes can fuck itself, I use a PVR and tvlinks…

thomasoa: I tried to watch Big Bang Theory. Worst laugh track ever. Turned it off before the opening credits.


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