The Steve Jobs Social Media Paradox

obeezySometimes there are enigmas that thrive in the face of the supposed natural order. So goes Steve Jobs and Apple’s incredible popularity in the social media realm.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

ikepigott: It’s just another reminder that companies – even those with good reputations for playing nice – won’t reflexively reach through Social Media and engage customers as “partners.” Jobs has such a stranglehold on the faithful, he doesn’t need to.

WiseWeasel: I’d say that’s changing. Apple is getting less and less of a free pass on Digg and other sites as they enact more customer-hostile policies. Apple used to represent the best the technology sector had to offer, with a tight focus on the user, innovative, sometimes brilliant integration of technology, and empowerment of individuals through technology. This seems to have been supplanted by protectionist business tactics and priority of B2B partnerships over empowerment of end users in many incidents. I’d say Apple is certainly losing some of its luster as they grow, and they’re in danger of losing sight of what put them on the map in the first place. I’ll hold on to my stock for now, but there might come a day pretty soon when Apple operates the same way Microsoft or Sony does, and it’s time to find some new vendors with greater respect for their customers.

jquig99: Really interesting how we demand companies interact with us in a transparent manner – except Apple.


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