Apple fesses up to faulty iPod touch screens!

BlindingEdgeIt looks like those complaining of problems with the iPod touch’s screen weren’t seeing things, as Apple has now reportedly confirmed that at least some early units did indeed ship with defective screens.[…] Thanks to BlindingEdge for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Shmerkle: Just received my ipod touch today from Amazon, and it seems that Apple are still shipping out faulty stock. I rang my local Apple branch at the Trafford Centre in Manchester who claimed that Apple had not officially admitted any problem with a particular batch and they were not prepared to do anything about it until (if ever) they do. This leaves me with the option of returning it to Amazon and either waiting 6-8 weeks for a replacement or asking for a refund. I’m certainly leaning towards the latter option given the supercilious way I was treated by the Apple ‘genius’. Even Microsoft have better support than this!

Vaytan: I hope since my isn’t shipping till later I get one of the better ones.

ScreamOn: I like apple pie

amastermindw: Warning: Do not use ANY 3-4 letter abbreviations like TSOD. Just spell out The Sip of Death. It only takes 1 second longer to type it out and then everyone knows what your talking about. Please help make the internet a better place for everyone! Don’t be lazy!

gmarsch: I’d just like to give a big FU to the condescending, pizza-faced CSR at the Lynnwood Apple Store who tried to tell me there wasn’t any issues with the screen and accused me of “nit-picking”. He also assured me that Apple wouldn’t be putting out any kind of hardware revisions and if I wanted to exchange the unit, I only had 14 days and would still have to pay a restock fee. Needless to say, I did not buy an iPod touch.

getliquified: I am holding off on my purchase until I can be guaranteed a good screen.

gardenia: apparently my computer can’t handle this comment system and does not put my comments in the right place…digg down

lynx77: Im used to seeing Apple stories on the frontpage of digg but i’ve never seen this many negative ones.

Especially with the fanboys all being dugg down and the more negative comments being dugg up – has the Digg wave turned?

Matjock: Nothing like marketing a product as “must have”, overpricing it, reducing the price after everyone has purchased it and then sending out pieces of shit. It’s the American way!!!!

jabberwolf: Gotta love Apple quality, that’s why we pay a higher price just for th… wait a second what?!!

clyde2801: Was at the apple store at OKC, and the touches couldn’t even get on the wifi there. Brought it up to a worker, who said they’d look into it, telling me the store was just remodeled. Honestly, they want me to spend 3-400 on a device and their store model won’t wi-fi? I expect this crap from best-buy, not apple.

fatadamblog: Damn j00 soot and your patients, unlike everybody else I can’t wait and have to have it now now now now NOW!!!!

runnin17: I was messing with them at the Apple Store too and they were just a little awkward for me. They seemed too big for something that only holds 16GB. I understand the design, but I think Apple could have squeezed some more features into them with the size of it.

Plus they are really thin, I like the feel of the iPhone much better. The weight and feel of the iPhone is just about perfect. Oh well, I will be waiting for the second or third gen iPhone before I get something like this anyway.

I am just happy with my new red nano and my super-awesome 160GB Classic (yeah, 160GB, I don’t joke around).

electroWildWood: playing with them in the apple store i couldn’t help but think they just felt cheap.

as a super happy iphone customer these things just feel lame.

joejordan: it just works. oh wait…


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