Apple To Double iPhone Production in Q4, Sources Say

IvanB“Apple could almost double its iPhone production for the fourth quarter, taking it from 1.54 million to 2.7 million. At least according to, who claims that this year’s production target will be 4.8 million.”[…] Thanks to IvanB for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

mstrebe: If you’ve used an iPhone, and you didn’t like it, go ahead and diss. But STFU if you haven’t used one to make a phone call. It’s a _vastly_ superior phone to any other phone I’ve ever had just for the solitary purpose of making a call. If it didn’t do one damn thing else, it would _still_ be the best cellphone on the market.
And please stop saying nokia/ericsson/motorola/palm/HTC’s “is just as good and half the price”. It’s not anywhere near as good, I don’t care if it can slice fucking tomatoes paper thin and babysit your kids, they all suck to use once you’ve seen what can really be done in terms of human user interface design. You’ll save that extra $200 bucks the first time you’re able to conference the right two people together to close a deal.
Dissing the iPhone because it costs a little more and doesn’t have makes you sound like an uninformed idiot.

omnis: but i thought they were going to sell 10 million before 2008? they’ll need to up production a little more than just that!

Vtorch: This is a ploy to simply help Apple’s stock because the iPhone is not selling (the way Apple imagined it ). Remember, the projected goal of Apple was to sell 10 million iPhones in one year’s time. Tha’ts a lot of iPhones and with the deep $200 price cut….that just flat out spells trouble. Remember when Supply is greater than Demand, there will always be a price cut. It’s the law (of supply and demand economics).

Quickfix99: I think the gPhone won’t compete with the iPhone. I’m sure it will be cool, but I have the feeling Google is thinking about giving them out for free to satisfy it’s advertising market.

Here is a great site which aggregates all iPhone news (rumours at this point) into one place:

jabberwolf: Have they done market tests in other countries? Most are not impessed by the apple. They tend to like their own control and freedom a bit more then the American group does. Ironic isn’t it?

wolfpack32k: Why up production of the iphone when you could just get touch for less money and way more memory and just keep the phone and service you have now. Iphone is a complete waste of money.

richardiscool: They just launched it in another 3 countries, of course they’re going to up production.

johnpaul191: i think the obvious observation is that the UK/European versions of the phone have to be made. remember Apple said their target was 10 million phones in the first year (or was it in 2008?). either way, that 10 million phones has to be global sales, not just the US market.

Yage2006: If they don’t like that then they should stop buying apple for a while until they change there ways.

dansy: The real failure of the iPhone will be seen now in Europe – the (inflated) price from US becomes acceptable compared to the price in EU or UK 🙂

euphemizeme: Skip the BLOGSPAM: …

msarge: Maybe Apple is experiencing some growing pains? I’m sure it was a lot easier to appease a niche market than the mainstream market that they are finally going for.

expat001: Every fanboy who sign a contract with AT&T in order to buy an iPhone is a sellout! What a disgrace you guys are!

lynx77: Resistance maybe futile but I have the special Nokia N95 power shield to protect me and its doing pretty well.

I can txt with one hand too =p!


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