Customers Ask: Is Apple Going Rotten?

jeremyhorwitzKarma. Doing the “right thing.” Thinking different. Apple’s enlightened approach to building customer loyalty is now famous. But in breaking iPod video accessories, charging restocking fees for defective iPod touch units, and forcing double purchases of iPod games and ringtones, customers think Apple’s becoming the next Microsoft. Are they?[…] Thanks to jeremyhorwitz for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

LeeSoong: waa, waa – cry about an innovative tech company changing things-
‘damnmit, my new ipod don’t play 8-track tapes and this macbook can’t read 8” floppy disks…’

get over it – change happens.

dmkemick: If Apple continues to gain market share they’ll be a lot worse than Microsoft ever was – almost everything they do is proprietary.

TheKappa: Wow, Apple is a corrupt, money grubbing company?
Who knew?

stockjones: In the end every company wants a monopoly control of a product or service. Thats the secret Holy Grail. I guess when its not Microsoft its ok because everyone else is a good guy? Gee thats illogical thinking isnt it?

Yaku83: I purchased a 4 gig iPhone gig 3 days before the price drop and discontinuation of that very model model. So, somewhat pissed off, I called up Apple and asked if there was some type of swap I could do (this is before they announced the 14 day return policy and $100 refund). They overnighted me an 8 gig phone and paid for the shipping of the 4 gig back. Yeah, that’s a terrible company there…

dalesmatrix: How quickly people forget, what happened to all the love from getting that $100 back after the iPhone price drop. Now but a couple weeks later Apple are evil? Do people really have that little to talk about…

j83com: I really, really want to buy the new ipod but i just can’t bring myself to do it.
Not after all these issues.
One that’s always bothered me is that the ipod doesn’t have a custom eq on it.
My $40 panasonic cd mp3 player kicks the ipod for bass.
And itunes, hate it, hate it, hate it.

in canada i don’t really see any decent alternative to the ipod.

it’s frustrating because they’re so close to getting it right.
i was about to overlook the above issues i have with it and just buy one but now i’m reading about all this other stuff.

Sucks, i hate waiting around at airports with nothing to do!

MavRevMatt: I am not an Apple user or fan of any kind, and I can say from the outside, as in not obsessed with Apple and Jobs, I do think they are starting to fuck up. It’s just.. yeah.

Defuser: Just wanted to give some personal experience regarding the Touch: No, the problem is NOT limited to “review units”. I’m on my third one, (inside of a week!) and all three have had the same screen problems. While I have seen units that work correctly, (my boss has one that works just fine) the fact remains that there’s a HUGE problem with the Touch. Hey, I’m not even blaming Apple. But then, I’m not trying to excuse them either. So many people online want to turn simple Hardware issues into some sort of retarded Religious War. Me, I’m an adult. I worry about one thing: “Does the hardware I bought work properly?” And the Touch simply doesn’t. Or at least, the three I’ve bought/exchanged at Best Buy don’t.

terminalpariah: I just got my First Mac Ever and I was so *psyched* about hooking it up..
anyway, I unboxed it and the thing is broken. I ordered it from so I can’t just take it back to the store.. Applecare recommends a service centre. The service centre doesn’t have the tools to open the aluminium iMacs, and Apple won’t ship them. So it’s stuck at a store for who knows how many weeks (/months). This will probably be my last Apple.

7goats: The article was kinda short on facts, but I agree with the basic premise. I bought an 1st gen iPod when it came out and it came in a nice box with nearly all the accessories [no feckin case?!!] and it felt that profit was not the only market driver. FF: this week. I bought a iPod Classic and it felt chincy when I opened the packaging. No AC adapter for recharging, no firewire, no frills, etc. BUT the biggest DRAG was having to get an iTunes account to d/l the cover art in iTunes. Seems like small potatoes, but I felt like they were twisiting my arm to put a credit card number on file just so I can d/l free CD art. They suck just as bad as everyone else. So, what can ya do? Get over it.

larrydavid1: quality issues on the ipod are one thing, they did fess up to to and probably will fix it, but old ipod games not working on the new ipod classics, plain inexcusable

bauklo: as long as apple builds “the perfect product” for a lot of ppl, none of the stated concerns is going to matter.
i mean, there are probably a lot of ppl like me out there: before i buy any product, i research for an endless time and ultimately always buy the product that i am convinced is the best possible option, completely irrespective of the price.
i mean: if i need an mp3-player (which i do not, so i do not own one), i will always end up with apple. if i need a notebook, i will also end up with apple. as long as apple continues to build a product which in it’s category is the best product that the market has to offer it WILL sell.
sell big time.

whether a small percentage of ppl makes bad experiences with customer service or not…-doestn matter at this level!

BenjaminWill: Of course Apple are going sour, I mean that $100 store credit they just gave back to existing iPhone customers clearly indicates that all hope is lost for the company. Dear, dear. Because we all know Microsoft and 99.9% of other companies would have done the same, don’t we? People wh post garbage like this likening Apple to the shithole that is Microsoft are clearly just pissed off Apple haters so swolen with envy that they cannot see beyond the end of their own nose.

paolo90: Apple’s always been rotten in my opinion. The fact that they have to bundle their hardware their software proves it. Not being able to use OSX on non-Apple PCs (AKA “Macs”) simply shows how Apple is too capitalistic. This could also, however, just mean that they’re just too lazy to make their OS compatible with a large variety hardware. Either way, it just points down to the fact that they’re always been rotten.


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