iPod touch Passes Gentle Scratch Test

1KrazyKoreanLook out, iPod touch! There comes a scratch test with a safety pin, a car key and then even a razor blade. But this tester doesn’t seem too hell-bent on damaging his precious touch. Would a jackhammer scratch it? How about a blowtorch? We could run over it for you, guy that might help.[…] Thanks to 1KrazyKorean for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

KillerHeroes: iPod scratches are a sure thing like the sun rising and death.

stevedrew: They should make Hummers out of that stuff

HumanRecall: I think i’ more concerned with the darkened screen over issues when playing movie or video footage

lhsonic: that was the worst test I’ve ever seen. First of all, the best test would be to put keys and your touch in your pocket and emulate your lifestyle. Be it a walk to school, a jog or whatever with both in your pocket… because that’s usually how things work, you’re in a hurry and you toss your keys and your ipod in your pocket. Secondly, like eyeglasses, glass IS more resistant to scratches so you can’t compare plastic and glass…

screwloose45: Press harder kid.

itseffinkasey: I couldn’t stand how that guy was talking… And I would like to see someone take a rock from the street to the screen and see how it looks after that, theres a real test for you.

kbro: Man. You guys are hard to impress.
If that video was not faked in some way, I am impressed. I have some really annoying scratches on my Treo that may not be there if it had an iPhone-quality (or iPod Touch-style) glass cover.

macaroniandchee: Turn it over and do that. I dare you.

jstene: Apple can produce an iPod Touch that’s virtually scratch proof, but they can’t make one that renders dark images correctly. Wow.

casual7y: what the hell kind of stress test is that?!?!

REAL stress tests should make me shudder and give me nightmares.

missingnoh4x: Scratch schmatch. But will it blend?

Buu700: “Good luck scratching that!”???? I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!

…anyone care to donate an ipod touch?…

Piggycow: God at least use the point corner of the razor blade and push down. A razor blade doesn’t cut anything by sliding it over perpendicularly


rodbibeau: Was that chris crocker? sure sounded like him.


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