Macworld 2008 – Registration is Now Open w/ FREE PASSES

AriaStarUse Priority Code: 08-E-VF01 to get the Exhibit Hall passes for free until October 5th. Discount pricing on all other passes ends December 14th. Hey, Kevin and Alex, will there be another show like there was this year?[…] Thanks to AriaStar for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

teexcue: Thanks so much for this!

vSanity: The code is still working as of noon PST on the 22nd.

Mships: You can usually search for free tickets every year, so to everyone who doesn’t take advantage this year, their are usually sites where companies are giving the free code away. Enjoy.

zakool21: Got the free ticket. Gonna pick it up at the booth.

wilhel1812: mirror?

tuqqer: at Friday, September 21, 2007 at 11:41 AM, Colorado Time, the free registration worked fine. I chose the $2 “send me my badge” option. Thanks for posting this!

Dezik: Is the site down? I’m getting a blank page just going to the main site

nivekic: wait, did they just take away the free pass? I don’t see any free exhibition passes anymore…

stevemchey: Does anyone know what the difference between the “Exhibit Only” and the “Exhibit Only Enhanced” is?
It is not mentioned on the overview page, but only shows up when you select the conference package. And it is $20 more expensive…

GamerX: Great, just another gay bear meeting! Bald, hairy and Apple lovers :)~~

blindreepr: This is lagging so bad right now. I got myself registered, but now it’s at a stand still trying to register my gf.

amastermindw: Warning: Do not use ANY 3-4 letter abbreviations like SBC. Just spell out Single Board Computer. It only takes 1 second longer to type it out and then everyone knows what your talking about. Please help make the internet a better place for everyone! Don’t be lazy! People who use these abbreviations don’t realize they are only a small percentage of people that actually know what the abbreviation stands for.

mdeppi01: Heh.. “Poser Tools”

dcharti: I’m not sure if that code was exclusive to Rogue Amoeba, but I think that might have been an offer they personally made to their customers and readers: …

frogstik: those freebies don’t include the Stevenote™ — just a FYI.


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