Steve Jobs Subpoenaed

pliewAs the title mentions, Jobs is subpoenaed over back-dating of stock issues. I highly doubt this will affect his image amongst the iPod and Mac loyals[…] Thanks to pliew for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

britoca: “GO TO JAIL!”

InContrast: Hahaha. Watch the iBoys flock. Lol. It’s like the “24” addicts, so hopelessly blind that they’re running around thinking this is some sort of battle or something. “Oh NOES!!!! Everyone is out to insult apple”…

MMLight: Steve may be an honest guy, but Apple seems more like Microsoft these days and there may be some dirt behind the brushed aluminum surface. Personally, I’m upset that Apple gives nothing back to the arts after doubling their net worth through music related sales.

dnafrequency: WTFU! Apple doesn’t care about you sheeple and Microsoft is into eugenics. Watch the new documentary “ENDGAME” by Alex Jones and learn all about our sweet little boy Bill Gates (and his father). Microsoft probably vacations with Apple!

exomni: It amazes me to see so many dumbasses in so few DIGG comments.

Steve is being subpoenaed to help testify against NANCY HEINEN. He’s not being charged with JACK SHIT, and as for the matter with Heinen, Steve was found innocent of any wrongdoing.

Burried for innacuracy. Why the hell would this effect Steve Job’s image? (Apples, maybe)

Vermifax: Logic Pro 8 rocks!

lynx77: Jobs doing time………he’d get a lot of iTouching on his pod in there.

2 thumbs are better than 1 and all…

jabberwolf: I don’t think they will mind if their cult leader steals from them.

bluehouse: He could take a dump, wrap it foil, sell it as the next iPod and the Apple Automatons would line up for days for a chance to smell it.

max777: If screwing over the mother of his daughter doesn’t hurt his image with fan boys i think hes safe here, unfortunately.

sinfield: At least as entertaining as the Mac zealots are the anti-Mac zealots … except for the fact that the anti-Mac zealots are zealots out of hatred of something that has absolutely no impact on them, which makes them pretty pathetic.

In any case … innocent until proven guilty?

badbilly: Steve Jobs, just another greedy corporate tycoon, blinded by power and corruption.
Too bad so sad.

su1man: what does ijustine have to say about this?

Darcy: It looks like half the people on Digg have already decided he’s guilty. I propose we scrap the Court’s altogether and just let the digg commenter’s decide the fate of the accused, it’s much fairer that way.

ffleming: A corporate executive acting like a corporate executive? Be still, my beating heart.

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