15 things Apple should fix in iPhone 2.0

vergeOur version of Apple’s to-do list for the next-generation iPhone includes GPS, 3G, mobile iChat, video capture and many more goodies.[…] Thanks to verge for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

jgerry: Streaming iTunes directly to an Airport Express via WiFi would be nice too.

aariel: “Given my slower typing speed, one feature that I miss from my Treo, which ran Windows Mobile 5”
Am I the only one who finds that sentence to be kind of fishy? Doesn’t the Treo still run Palm OS?

davidwinograd: How about group deletes of email?

krokodil: I think it is much better to see what are most wanted features for iPhone accoridig user voting are. Digg style:


SirZRX: All the points mentioned are capped by software not by hardware , i just matter of time until the hackers release a fully functional iphone firmware with all capabilities mentioned except 3G and GPS.! IMO…. Happy Mexican iPhone owner!

demonbaby: Until the iPhone lets me run Linux and capture high-def video that streams to everyone via liveblogged webcast via HSDPA 2.0 (yeah it doesn’t exist yet but the iPhone should have it) while editing Excel spreadsheets and being tracked via GPS on a full-featured 3D Google Earth application, I’ll be sticking with my Nokia!

…Seriously, why is everyone so concerned with the iPhone being the GodPhone with every possible feature imaginable that anyone could possibly desire? More concerning are the people who don’t consider it a phone worthy of their purchase UNTIL it has a fantasy wish-list of features far beyond any other phone in its price range.

I’ve been using the iPhone since launch, as a replacement for a Blackberry, and it’s a remarkably sexy device that does more, more elegantly, than my Blackberry ever could. The feature list is already through the roof (especially when you include 3rd party software), and the obvious improvements like copy/paste and iChat are likely coming via software updates. So why do so many people need it to do everything a MacBook can do before they’ll consider it worthy? Every device starts somewhere, and for a phone to start where the iPhone is right now is nothing short of remarkable. Using it on a day-to-day basis feels light years beyond any other phones out there, if for nothing other than the elegant experience, touch controls, iPod integration, and gorgeous display. Relax, enjoy what it is right now, and I don’t doubt that the features will keep rolling in over time.

Anyway, it’s not like Apple is sitting around saying, “hey, this guy on the internets said the iPhone would be faster if we made it 3G. Do you think we should do that?” There’s a reason it is what it is right now, and there’s a reason the next iPhone won’t have some of the absurdly niche features that hundreds of internet wish lists have labeled requirements.

astorg: All this adds up to a powerful set of reasons (especially lack of push email other than Yahoo, who want to switch to Yahoo Mail just to be able to use it on an iPhone?) and the lack of decent Exchange integration, no Bluetooth…

Frankly, until all this is available, I’ll be sticking with my BlackBerry pearl.

rubyeyes: 0. MMS
Not sure where the ichat thing comes from. The web-based Meebo works pretty nicely as a chat client. It’s not like your going to be able to use the camera with ichat if they do implement it. The camera is on the back of the phone while you type. Well unless you want them to have a nice view of your crotch.

GreenAlien: 1. 3G
2. iChat AV
3. More memory. 16gb to match the iPod Touch, but 32gb will be the sweet spot.
4. Third-party app support.
5. Video capture with Youtube upload.
6. Podcasting client, plus subscribe to podcasts via the wifi iTMS.

VitriolAndAngst: I would let the video camera wait for later.
Of the rest of that list, 3G and a landscape keyboard are the best ideas. 16G ram would be nice as an upgrade option (as available).

Open up the Development of the Phone with a certification process. You want to destribute, you pay a testing fee.

Let developers make use of that “Starbucks button,” so that they could allow people to upload things like museum tours and product information (the user gets the choice of accepting it).

Support Keynote playback. I can guarantee you a few thousand field agents at our company, if you make the iPhone a platform for presentations. A salesperson could use this phone for MOST of their business. Perhaps a wireless USB adapter like you made for tunecasting to display the video on a TV or projection system — maybe partner with elGato to provide that.

Allow Quart Composer to run on the iPhone.

lochness: Only 15 !!!!?!?!?! C’mon there’s gotta be at least 25 things that need to added, fixed, made to work, or improved.
That ass-cam green camera for a start.
No video … WTF ?
Where’s my bluetooth ?
No MMS …. get with the TIMES apple.
and the beat rolls on…

johnpaul191: have any of you guys actually used GPS? i mean REAL GPS, not cell phone pseudo-GPS based on triangulation between towers. it uses satellites, and therefore you need to be “in view” of them. i’m all for the fake GPS if it works, which i understand it does, but that’s a far cry from GPS.
1) it’s power hungry
2) it needs to “see” the sky. it does not work indoors, under a porch, inside a car etc. they often do not even work well in a city because of the buildings blocking the view of the sky. that’s why the car units have to be pushed out on the dashboard, or use an external antenna.
GPS is pretty awesome if you are out hiking, on a motorcycle, snowboarding, whatever. the fake GPS that uses cell phone towers is probably a lot more useful. *most* people with iPhone probably have jobs that are under a roof, so if the GPS can’t figure out where they are, and then locate the closest restaurant, it’s useless. nobody is going to stand outside and hold their arms up in the sky to get a signal. though that may look really funny?

bethune: I would rather have Wi-Fi syncing than bluetooth syncing because it would be faster.

mlivebc: Wrong link, here is the right one: http://thinkspotting.com/entrytype1_des.php?entry_ …

mlivebc: Here’s my list: http://thinkspotting.com/entrytype1_des.php?entry_


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