Apple patent hints at future Safari navigational interface

fuxjoeyA new Apple patent filing promises to scrap the time-honored navigation buttons of web browsers with a new page history that sorts itself based on more natural, easily remembered criteria.[…] Thanks to fuxjoey for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

ScrumFritter: What I want is a way to use Expose for tabs in Safari… I’m so used to using it to navigate windows, I keep trying to do it with tabs. Does anything like this exist?

penguincentral: Eh, I would use Safari if I had a mac, but I am too used to firefox. I have three extensions that I enjoy using: Google Browser Sync, Gmail Manager, and Rss Ticker.

exomni: Looks like Omniweb/Opera/a million other browsers that have done the same thing.

Wolfsoap: Dogs, Cars, and Football = LOLcats, Digg and Porn

mikepictor: I want to like Safari…I really do. It’s undoubtedly fast, blazing fast, but just has too few extensions and customizability. Other small things, like I am too used to Ctrl-Tab to switch between tabs, (instead of Ctrl-{ what is up with that), and other smaller limitations of UI.

I hope it can become the browser I prefer to use, I like the speed, but I will stick with Flock for now.

Topher06: 90% of the time I want to go back or forward one or two page, as long as Apple doesn’t remove navigation in that way completely, then I am fine with it. Honestly, I have history turned off, I could care less where I was 4 hours ago on the web and content I want to revist is bookmarked. This sounds like Apple is trying to create lazy ass (or dumbass) bookmarking.

mavedatthews85: Isn’t this why we have tabbed browsing and favorites?

I guess it remains to be seen what the true advantage will be with this. Interesting, though.

JasonCox: “When applied to the file system, it starts to look a lot like Vista’s “stacks” (for better or worse…)”
You know, I thought the same thing but didn’t know if I should say it or not.

rowlodge: looks like a hundred other apps.

BlueLaser: When applied to the file system, it starts to look a lot like Vista’s “stacks” (for better or worse…)

radiofrequency: Interesting stuff, but there’s no chance I will ever switch to another browser if it doesn’t have great ad blocking software.

I was a big Camino fan until Adblock stopped working for Camino. Now I use firefox on my Mac even though it’s a bit slower and uglier. It’s still better than seeing ads everywhere you look.

elvisjulep: developers developers developers developers developers…

ChromaVita: Dogs, Cars, and Football. Is that what Apple thinks their users are browsing the internet for?

bearded: Actually it looks a lot like OmniWeb

Zero456: Sounds, and looks, a lot like what the Firefox developers are trying to do with Places.


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