Apple tells Workers, “Cancel Vacation Plans between Thanksgiving and Xmas”

CLIFFosakaJAPANWhy? Apple Slim Sub-notebook may be available for Holiday selling season. The Street writes that Apple has told some employees to cancel vacation plans between Thanksgiving and Christmas in preparation for a big year-end sales push[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

johfirth: yeah every major corporation does this, called black out days, even movie theaters do this… not really something to pay to much attention to.

macslut: Name one retailer that doesn’t restrict vacation time between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

nixuseleven: @trunkster “…I usually don’t complain about Apple news but this is actually pretty lame. What’s next, the schedule for Apple’s payroll?…”

I can post that, if you’d like.

vikingshelmut: Please for the love of Christ stop referencing articles on The Street as facts. I’ve never seen such horrible reporting in my life. These guys admittedly make stuff up all the time with no basis in fact. First Moritz says Apple will sell 1mil iPhones in first weekend (wrong). Then he says Apple is cutting production by half due to lower than expected sales (wrong). Result? Stock tanks (buy low). Now he is saying that iPhone production is going up because they will sell a zillion of them by xmas, and that Mac sales will increase a ton as well. Result? Stock price run up for easy profit. I really don’t see how any of this can be legal. Seems like they are manipulating the system for their own benefit. Drives me CRAZY!
I am in the wrong business.


seeinpixels: This is standard procedure, nothing to get excited about. I heard it every year when I worked there.

roberto_deneero: i want a website that tells me what’s being served in Apple’s cafeteria on Infinite Loop

sonnydeejay: idon’t care

tont0r: Obviously no one here has ever worked at a retail chain.

Vermifax: Holidays suck and blow.

nycmac247: pls let it be a new 2400!!! Please mommy – sooo cool!!! …

MonkeyHugger: WTF is a subnotebook?

jads: Happens *every* year in Apple Retail andis called the holiday blackout period. It’s usually from Thanksgiving until ~ the week after Macworld.

IllBeBack: iVomit

toetagger: I think they would just not let them schedule it to begin with. More BS speculation.


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