Apple Updates Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to 9A528d

normalkidAfter nearly a month without an update, Apple has delivered a Leopard update to developers. First, a new version of the Leopard Software Update Client has been seeded through Leopard’s Mac OS X Software Update. Once this new Software Update tool is installed, Apple also provides Mac OS X Leopard C…[…] Thanks to normalkid for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

NotShorty: Where’s the “free upgrades for hardware bought after xx/xx/2007??”

Even M$ did that with Vista. Fk Apple. Anxiously awaiting Google’s Linux distro and inevitable world domination…

dima767: No matter when it’s actually released, it will be great, I’m sure. I personally won’t lose my sleep if they “miss” the virtual October deadline.

Takuro: Screenshots:

Nothing too dramatically different. I’d like to know what the default wallpaper is for this build. Somebody claimed it looked similar to the purple galaxy wall from the last release, except in blue.

marcushe: The software update engine in OS X is more than just the little graphical interface that the user sees whenever a new update is available.
The update engine is run from the underlying UNIX engine, and has a “backdoor” for Apple Remote Desktop. Changes could be made to the back door, how packages are handled, checking for new updates, etc.
Really, packaged installers on the Mac are just like an RPM for linux – except that the Mac has a nice little package installer app – and automated installer app (software update).

Shah: Screenshots?

J0nLightn1ng: Torrent or it didn’t happen

wbienek: I GAAAYYRRRUNNTTEEE It’ll be delayed.. 1st quarter next year..

davidwasman: So how ‘Windows XP Updates’ is this new Software Update Manager? Does it sit in the Finder and bother you? Does it download without your knowledge? The current Software Update is fine. Why do they need to ‘fix’ it?

Ransomowris: 9a528d didn’t do much. It just updated terminal, finder, and tested a new software update system (which happens to be very intrusive. reminds me of windows update. UGH).

enzomedici: Have you seen Leopard? It’s not that big of a deal dude. There’s Spaces (had that on other platforms for years now), Stacks – pretty cool, Time Machine – good, and that’s about it. Sure they cleaned up the interface a bit, dropped in a few templates into Mail app, but it’s not a major upgrade to me. I have the developer version and while it is better, it doesn’t live up to the hype, trust me.

serpicolugnut: Usually when they are getting closer to the Final Candidate stage they actually release builds more often, so I’m very skeptical that they will make the Oct deadline. Also, Apple only has a vague deadline at that. With no mention of a specific date in October, and with only 5 weeks to go, I’m betting that Apple will not make the October deadline.

I’m jonesin’ for Leopard, but would rather wait a month for a more stable/polished release.

jabberwolf: “Leopard is defiantly worth waiting for” ?
I think he meant definitely. But its not like they give you a choice.
If you want Leopard, you will just have to wait just longer… again.

jocknerd: Actually, with this release, I think they are getting closer to being ready. This is the third update in the last two months. That tells me there is less change taking place between updates.

KevenM: 9A528d That’s so … not that exciting.

itsPinkCharms: Leopard is defiantly worth waiting for.


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