iPod touch Screen Problem Fixed!

cupofjoeThe screen problem that so many people were having (the negative effect) seems to be fixed on the new week 38 ipod touches![…] Thanks to cupofjoe for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

ogram: My 16GB iPod Touch has crashed four times in the first three weeks, requiring a restore, and now the fourth time, the thing refused to be stored. Unfortunately, since it was a gift that was engraved, getting this lemon replaced has been awful — because I want to retain the engraving. I went to the Apple Store, and they wouldn’t receive the lemon iPod Touch and have the replacement shipped. I have to ship the lemon to Apple. Then, to add another level of fun and games, they won’t ship the replacement until either 1) my lemon iPod Touch arrives at their repair facility, or I give them my credit card number, which they will bill if I don’t send the lemon iPod Touch. What kills me is that I am standing in an Apple Retail Store, within easy distance of beaning a dozen different Apple employees with this dead iPod, and I still have to ship it to Apple. Two things: 1) don’t get the “free” engraving and 2) don’t confuse the Apple Retail Stores with the company that makes the crap they sell.

Chaosweaver: It also has the 9C738 serial number. I just stuck it on the charger and judging by what I see, the screen is much brighter like the iPhone, and the blacks aren’t washed out and negative. YAY!

Chaosweaver: I went back and exchanged my iPod touch which was packed in the Bailey Rae box and they gave me that Macy Gray one. Check it out…

greenamp: I think I’ll just wait until the next revision when they will drop in price and have bigger storage.

mrminty: A company fixed a design flaw in their products to keep customers happy because a lot of them complained? Holy shit! This is entirely commonplace, especially with first gen products, but because it’s Apple, doing this is REVOLUTIONARY!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! THEY PROVIDED BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

tigerpaper: Apple sucks – I pre-ordered the touch on the day of release (which hasn’t shipped yet) but they’ve been selling them all over the place in-store!
I need to stop being apple’s bitch – I’m about to end this abusive relationship.

digger77: That’s my brother’s article!

onemoretry: To those wondering about the week naming scheme, week 38 indicates the 38th week of manufacturing. They didn’t start manufacturing them on the release date.

gowanis: i had a bad one, returned it, and just got a new one (“week 38”). the new one is good!

ExtraLife: Got one that still says week 37, but has Grey on the front and works perfectly. Had the old one and returned it so I know the diff, and so don’t completely dispair if you got a wek 37…if they have the new box, you might be in fat city like me.

norbiu: Has anybody hacked this thing yet?

Squaros: How about you all try your hardest to hold on to your money for about… 2 more weeks. You can snag a week 40 model. It’ll probably have dropped $100 or so too.

peter337: I hesitated to purchase but read about the week 38 fix on Apple forums and decided to go to at Apple Stonestown, San Francisco. Before the purchase, I asked the cashier if the serial had 38 in it. Upon personal inspection of the good serial, I purchased the 16GB. The display units I tested were still W37 and it had terrible blacks. Going home to test my new unit, I could see no problems with the blacks. I tested with http://techmind.org/lcd/greyscale.html to make sure the last color, 00 was the darkest in the image. All other reports I have read, found that W38 units have good blacks as well.

toetagger: If the bad ones are still being sold then it’s NOT fixed!

Foden999: Buried for being the billionth fucking ipod/iphone topic.


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